Product Launches ! Is This The Only Way To Create A Large Volume Of Sales In One Sitting

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I am considering doing product launches, can you tell me what are the pros and cons if I decide to do one. I

I personally think doing a product launch, are difficult to make them happen and time intensive not really sure what I would be getting into if I decide to do one, or what would it take to be successful with product launches, especially for people like me who do not have a lot of time on their hands ?

Why do some people focus on this method only ?

What are the top benefits to doing product launches ?

What is a substitute to doing a product launch that offers similar benefits ?
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    The top benefits of doing product launches are that you are building your own internet assets. There is always someone looking for the information you have to offer.

    A substitute to a product launch... I dont know.. but you can start off smaller with WSOs if you're going to be in the MMO niche and see how that goes for ya.

    Good luck my friend.
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    1. Some people build HUGE lists or lists that are big enough and then leverage
    off the back of those to direct to their product launches to create some momentum
    and then hope that some BIG affiliates will jump on board.

    2. Some people just like the thought of BUILDING BUYERS lists only and go
    with creating products consistently and allowing an army of affiliates to jump on
    board over time (once they get noticed) and send them their buyers to their launches

    There is no right or wrong way here just depends on your choice and current

    What CAN YOU DO NOW that will allow you to get off the ground running and
    gain some much needed EXPOSURE and momentum online.
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    Product launches are not hard. Successful product launches are. There are now multiple product launches every day of the week and most of them you never hear about.

    The best advice I can give you is to not expect to hit it out of the part right away. It's a gradual process where your launches get bigger and bigger over time as your reputation and customer list increases.

    But yes, there is a lot you have to get right in order to have a successful launch. It's certainly not as easy or guaranteed as a lot of marketers will have you believe.
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    I would say in answer to the OP's question:


    Product launches are not the only way to create a large amount of sales in one sitting.

    However, you WILL need to release products to create sales, the way I would suggest getting sales is to create REAL value in the niche, continue to do so for free, build authority by helping as many people as you can with problems in the niche and then offer a product that further increases the VALUE of the help you have offered thus far...

    It is THAT easy...

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    Originally Posted by onpointinfo View Post

    Why do some people focus on this method only ?

    What are the top benefits to doing product launches ?

    What is a substitute to doing a product launch that offers similar benefits ?
    big payday, hype and excitement, building affiliates slower (product launches are all about affiliate/jvs anyway)

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    Creating the product and everything in it is the easy part.

    Getting as many affiliates to promote for you is the hard part.
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    Let me ask you this...

    When was the last time you bought an ebook, course or software through an Adwords ad?

    How about the last time you saw a course about getting free traffic through ezine articles actually promoted by free ezine articles?

    How many times have you rushed off to Google to find and purchase the latest software, SEO product or tool just because you saw a Top 5 listing for it at Google?

    You have to look at the truth... wasn't it because you were bombarded by emails by affiliates for it?

    Seriously, think about that for a moment.

    There are many different ways to get traffic to your web site and the above traffic methods do generate traffic, but are any of those the #1 source of traffic?

    Here is the point I want to make...

    The #1 source of traffic for the overwhelming majority of Internet marketers (including gurus ) is "partner and affiliate traffic".

    The goal in every launch is to get as many affiliates and joint venture partners to promote your product. It doesn't matter if you are doing a rolling launch where you pick up people who will promote your stuff as you go along or you plan weeks in advance to build a huge affiliate group that will promote your stuff when you say GO!

    Affiliate and partner traffic is the #1 source of traffic online when introducing a new product. A launch is never easy and many things can go wrong including things that you have no control over.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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    Originally Posted by onpointinfo View Post

    What is a substitute to doing a product launch that offers similar benefits ?
    I would have to say building an email list and send out promos about the big product launches.

    Launching products is definately not the only way to make good money
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    The problem with launches is that there are so many of them every single day. Good affiliates are swamped with invites and requests from people to promote for them. Honestly if you dont have a relationship with some affiliates your going to have a very hard time getting any good ones.
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