I don't know if it is ok to do 50 articles about the same topic

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I started a blog for affiliate ads about "labrador training" and I searched 50 keywords.. all the keywords I found is about the same topic and I am very confussed.. :confused: Am I supposed to give the 50 keywords to articles writers to write about the same topic over and over again..?
I used a guide by the way about "How to build an affiliate blog"
I am planing to put ads about "dog training clicker" and similiar products
Thank you.
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  • Hi yairebay93,

    Congratulations, looks like you've found a rich vein of article ideas there.

    I've gotten sites to #1 on Google, without back links or much off-site SEO, simply by writing plenty of articles and drip feeding them over time.

    That's because - regardless of Penguins and Pandas et cetera Google loves:

    * Fresh content.

    * Fresh content posted on a regular basis.

    So, provided you commission your articles from a pool of six or seven authors, you should not have any problems with the articles all sounding the same, as each author will have their own 'take' on the subject.

    Then, once you have a few articles in hand, start to put them you blog on a regular basis.

    This type of on-site SEO is very powerful because it's completely in your control and doesn't rely on links and other off-site stuff that can disappear overnight.

    Naturally, the articles have to be of good quality, so always 'test' each author first with a single commission.

    Then, once you start to post the articles on your site, wait until they are indexed by Google (give it a few days and then put the exact article title, in quotes, into Google and see if it comes up),

    When it does, post them on Ezine Articles. You are allowed to do this even though you didn't write them, because you'll own the copyright.

    Then, hopefully, other blogs and sites in your niche will pick them up, put them on their site and send you some traffic to add to that you'll get from Google.

    Then approach the folks who have taken your articles and have a squeeze page on their site and offer them an article just for their site.

    It might sound expensive, if you have to pay your best author to write it, but think about it: a squeeze page means they have a list. And that could lead to a lucrative joint venture or two!

    Good luck with your blog!

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      I think Paul's strategy is solid, except for the Ezine Articles recommendation. I would stay away from submitting my content to ezine directories. They won't do much for your SEO, and they could likely damage it...especially if you're posting lots of articles!

      Here's one of many resources that discourage your use of Ezine Articles: Does Submitting Articles to Ezine Articles Still Work? - The Alexa Smith Warrior Forum Scam

      An alternative approach would be to take each article and create a slide presentation of it, and post those on sites like slideshare. And, create a video from that presentation and post it on YouTube (with a link back to your site under it).
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    These days the best option is to stay away from article directories.

    Now about the articles.
    I dont think you should write a dozen articles on the same topic as it wont do you a lot of good.
    Seriously, you are much better off writing for people rather than writing for the search engines.
    And if you still want to write on the same keywords, better do some more research and find out what people want to know that's related to those keywords.
    Read some related forums.
    Most of the times, just reading those will give you a lot of different ideas.

    The truth is that if you do write a dozen or more articles based on that same keyword, it could turn out to writing the same things in 10 different ways.
    In short, it could turn out to be rehashed content
    which is not advisable.

    Write for the people and they'll reward you.
    Write for the search engines and they'll punish you.

    my 2 cents worth,
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    write unique high quality articles that offers value to your visitors. Help people solve their biggest problems
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