Starting a Wiki - Any Tips?

by brettb
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I hear a whole lot about WordPress here, but does anyone run a Wiki? I'm thinking about starting a Wiki on a subdomain of one of my sites. Does anyone have any recommendations about software to use? I'm looking for something that will run on Hostgator (PHP/MySQL) and use modest system resources.

I've heard of MediaWiki, and Hostgator appears to have a 1 click install for Tiki Wiki. DocuWiki looks very suitable for my needs. But is there anything else I should consider?

I have fairly modest needs - I just basically want to brain dump everything I know about my niche, and the Wiki format would be just perfect.

I doubt I'll have much success in getting other users to contribute stuff.

I'd code my own but I'd rather spend the time enhancing my own site.

Also if you have any tips about Wiki's then post them here! Do they rank well? Are they popular with users? Any gotchas ? Let's make this a Wiki love thread.

Thanks !
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