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One of my Wordpress.com accounts was suspended so I can no longer log-in to the account but I was wondering do they actually delete the blog? As of today it hasn't been taken down.
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    I think if you are using their site as a subdomain, xxx.wordpress.com, they have lots of restrictions. You are not allowed to do affiliate marketing. May be you can contact them and tell them some reason.

    Sometime in the past I was using Wikidot.com which I wrote several articles in a subdomain. They took it down without any warning whatsoever. I went to other things.
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    So they will take the site down eventually? That was my question. As I said, the account has been suspended but the actual blog is still live.
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      Wordpress.com does not allow any money making activities at all. You may want to consider purchasing your own site/domain and hosting and use Wordpress.org instead.

      Having your own site/domain will give you a lot more flexibility.
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    eventually it will be taken down, not sure how long will it take
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    Site can be still up and running even if your account is suspended. It will take a while before they notice that the site is still up.

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    I have used subdomain many days. But they do not suspend my account yet. i think it may be another problem/down maintenance . You can applied a real domain with discuss WordPress support center. I think they will help you.
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