Really Really Anxious Please Help Guys!!!

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hey guys Ethan here. I've been studying marketing for the past few years from top earners like Daegan Smith, Dani Johnson, Jonathan Budd, Dennis Karganilla and countless others, and while I do have a good amount of marketing knowledge I just can't seem to break into the industry. You see I'm 19 years old and after paying all of my college fees for last semester I'm financially challenged at the moment. But this is not going to slow me down!!! I see it as just a temporary obstacle I need to overcome.

So if you guys know of a business or a way to make money online that has a low or no startup cost please let me know. I am so so so anxious to get my Grind on.
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    One thing I like to point out is these so called "top earners" went through a series of steps over a long period of time, and the snapshot we see is their success right now. What we don't see is what they were doing before they were successful.

    I would highly recommend searching for people that seem to be "up and coming" and where you see that you could set some goals that are similar to theirs. For example, I saw a post where I showed how he made it to $50/month on google adsense. It may not seem like much, but he how has positive cash flow, and is well positioned to grow. You need get started with some simple steps that will be easy, but will produce some cash flow first and foremost. It may involve a little labor intensive work at first, but you can do it if you set your mind to it.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      My main problem with adsense is finding a good niche. I mean I know alot about internet marketing an making money online but there's gotta be thousands of people blogging about that. I can't seem to find out how to make it work with out it being cliche.
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    really adsense? I thought that stream of income of dead. I recently bought a guide from this guy named Joel Comm called Adsense secrets 4. and while he makes I up to a $2000 a day with adsense like you said it took him a while to get there. I just don't see the potential with adsense. I'm sure the amount of people who make the kind of money he does is a very small amount.
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      I am somewhat in the same boat, but don't despair, you can buy domain names for $3-$8/yr (NameCheap is selling .info's for $3/yr) and a webhosting reseller package for $24/mo from HostGator (which all the gurus will tell you to get anyway). What else do you need: domain names, webhosting and hard work.

      I am also going to buy a thing from a guy to get around ClickBank restrictions but i have to look it up, if you PM me i will find it.

      P.S. - on Squidoo you can build webpages (called lenses) for free and monetize them!
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      You can still make a little with adsense if you have enough traffic. I have one site that brings in around $300 per month in adsense cash. I get about 18,000 visitors per month on that site, though. I have other sites that only make a dollar or two per day. The adsense income is always a pleasant bonus - whatever the amount.
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    Hi Ethan, there is no "magic pill" to make money online.It will take time and effort and you see results slowly. Building a list of contacts is one of the most important things so I would start there.

    1. Grab a squeeze page (it´s free) from, you will get a freebie as well.

    2. Write a series of at least 7 emails with useful information that you can send to your list.

    3.As a solution to the problem your list members have, offer an affiliate product.

    4.Marketing the squeeze page is the part that takes time.I would go for a traffic exchange (Trafficswarm and Webbizinsider) and writing articles and submitting them to with a link to the squeezepage in the resourcebox.

    Just my 2 cents...
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    I'd recommend doing something out of the ordinary: rather than immediately trying to create a product, think very hard about what skills you currently have that make you valuable as an Internet marketer. Next, find an experienced marketer and offer to provide him or her with those services either for very cheap or for free. If you can offer something truly valuable to them and you do it without asking for much in return, there's a good chance that you'll develop a useful connection and a stronger understanding of what you have to do to build a viable Internet business.

    If you do decide to create a product, I'd suggest restricting the bulk of the money you spend to traffic generation campaigns. Rather than buying a $50 ebook or a $100 piece of software, use that money for an AdWords campaign. But before you start the campaign, take some extra time to master the free material and tools that Google provides, as well as the wealth of information freely available at places like the WF and in free reports.

    Finally, keep in mind how much your time is worth. If you're doing something that isn't likely to bring in at least as much as you could earn at a minimum wage job (or whatever your reservation wage is), then don't do it unless you think it will bring a large payoff in the future. This includes ways to generate traffic for "free." If a free traffic generation method uses 7 hours of your time and brings in only 10 visitors, then spend the 7 hours at a minimum wage job--and then use what you earn to pay for an AdWords campaign.
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      You know what? I think the threads started by newbies are the best threads to read, because all the pro's chime in to help, and give out a lot of free information.
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    Personally, I would contact some of the bigger marketers here and see what they need. Just because this is the Internet doesn't mean that 1-to-1 selling doesn't work. It does. Making and selling PLR is a great way to start.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Anxiety and Business are not usually good bed fellows.

    Starting a blog is a pretty low cost way to get into the game. I'd center it around any hobby you have that a decent amount of other people have. More importantly a hobby that involves spending money and already has a dedicated online community. A lot of niche's have that 'one' big forum (or several). Create your blog, write good content, and let the people on a big forum know about it after you join and become a credible community member. If other's have sites they might link to you as well.

    This is a good way to get going for a small dollar amount, but it will take time
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      which blog is better to use adsense with Blogger or wordpress? Wordpress seems like the give you more options to move the ad blocks around.
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        which blog is better to use adsense with Blogger or wordpress? Wordpress seems like the give you more options to move the ad blocks around.
        Wordpress all the way. The full weight of the open source community is behind wordpress. I would take the time to learn a little php as it will go a long ways with wordpress.

        It's really not that hard either, easiest of the server side languages in my opinion

        Edit: Just make sure you read about sql injection and how to prevent it before you go off and make anything custom
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    Hi Ethan,

    First thing is that you are 19 which is great, as you are young and if you start learning Internet Marketing skills now you will be in a great position in a few years from now. However you want a quick fix then like others have said it is little harder as making money online is all about your skill level and experience. Once both go up so does your income.

    Affiliate marketing, Adsense, Ebay, Product creation, Drop Shipping, these are all avenues that work as I said take time.

    So really my post was kind of useless to you asked for quick

    Perhaps getting involved with doing contracting work for other people on sites like maybe..
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    7 years before I started making real money online. There is always some kind of investment, even if its just domain names. Keep it simple, write content that people want to see, find ways to link to your content from other websites. Help people online, if you find a valuable way to help people, it becomes profitable in one way or another.

    True article registration and submission automation. Warrior discount = Article Submitter Software

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      ok hers what I have planned. Since I've been studying how to market online the blog will share with people how to sucessfully market online. I plan to share my knowledge that I've learned like, article marketing and video marketing, and tell them how to sucessfully apply it to their business. I'll also post up helpful videos from time to time about a particular subject. and I will keep them updated on new software and strategies that could be helpful. how does that sound?
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    Hi Ethan,

    Use Microsoft Movie Maker to make some How To Video's. How to video's are a big seller if you give PLR with them you will sell them fast.

    First: Find out what seems to be an important issue on the Warriors Forum.

    Second: Then I'd do some searches on Search how to subjects. Once you've found a few good video's dealing with your subject watch them a few times. Then create your own, using your own words and examples. (Pretty simple and fast.)

    Third: After creating maybe a series of three 7 to 8 minute video's... package them up with a rights pdf or text file. Just put a disclaimer in your rights that they can't be sold in a WSO.

    Fourth: Create a WSO. Sell them with PLR.

    Then rinse and repeat. Before you know it your products will get better, you'll have money in your pocket and you'll have a nice business to grow.

    Very inexpensive to bring in a quick amount of money.

    Good luck.

    Best Regards,


    "Life is like a merry-go-round. What goes around, comes around."

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    Sunn, I like it, I dont want to deter you from the idea at all, but I just want to point out it has been done a lot already, so you need an original twist. If you find something that a lot of people havent thought of or something you cant find all over the net, your golden, just make sure its ethical. If its SEO related, Put yourself in the shoes of a search engine and ask yourself "Is this in anyway, a way to cheat search engines?". Apply that methodology to any scenario, not saying you cant tell people there is a way to cheat, it might even be good publicity, but at best anyone who uses the method may have short term success followed by epic failure.

    True article registration and submission automation. Warrior discount = Article Submitter Software

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