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Have you ever noticed how many CRAP JUNK articles there are that offer absolutely NO information!?

I am in the process of designing my master bedroom. At almost 600 sq ft I have a LOT of ideas and things I would like to do. I know NOTHING about interior design so I plan to hire an interior decorator but I would like to have an idea of basic design concepts. Like what the different styles are like contemporary modern with some examples etc.

So I type into google master bedroom design and a few other words to learn just the basics.

I have read about 4 ezine articles that are on the front page of google and they are absolute crap. I can tell from experience what is going on. It is probably somebody who has NO idea about interior design and is just writing an article without any REAL content.

I remember when I used to do the same thing. I would be in some niche I had no clue about, was not passionate and was just in it for the buck. I would churn out these crap articles not knowing what the hell it was about and I NEVER made a sale.

I am now in two niches that I am quite knowledgeable about and I know what people are looking for and I know what they need. As you can see from the screenshots of my clickbank account i have posted here one of those niches is producing about $100 a day and I just started everything from scratch about 4-5 months ago. On top of that I still have a full time business so I only get to put in a few hours a day.

I'm sure everyone already knows this but when writing articles or creating content it makes a night and day difference when you actually know what you're talking about. To really get inside the persons head and answer the questions they're asking in their mind.

I was falling into this same trap in the beginning and was making no money. Now that im in niches that I actually enjoy and know about its night and day
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    I know exactly what you mean! Although I use them regularly, I'm disappointed with the quality control at EZA. If they would raise the bar and get rid of the spammers and the clueless it would be a real benefit for all the rest of use who work hard to write well and offer genuine content.

    As an alternative, I suggest you also try American Chronicle. As a contributor you have to be pre-approved and I think the standard of writing is generally much higher.
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      Haven't you heard? Those are great, "quality" articles that anyone can knock out at 3 an hour! The old rules governing writers: reading, thinking, writing, rewriting, are just old stuff, for pre-internet people!

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