Guaranteed Income If You're Broke With No Plan...Hope This Helps

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What up Warriors,

This is probably my longest post since the spot has been bought out by the new owners.

The reason I'm writing in here today is because I still see so many folks struggling with the notion of earning enough to pay the bills from this "online marketing thing."

People are jumping from shiney object to shiney object hoping to hit the magic way to get this stuff done.

Well...the truth is....there is no magic button.

You have to hustle day in and day out and you better be selling something worth your time to sell and their time to buy.

Though this might be an over simplification and though I've had my share of selling products, building paid buyers lists and working for folks that should not be able to hire me (how the hell did they end up with more than me?)...

The secret to making the whole IM lifestyle thing become a reality for you is summed up below (I swear).

To (at the very least...bare minimum) get your bills paid you need to do just 3 things:

1. Solve a "market" problem - market being more than 1 person and less than a country (lol)...the more defined the better

-Example: if you can solve problems for dog owners...that might be cool, however, you can get more die hard higher fee fans if you solve "pitbull" (specific breed) problems.

2. Reach your target market wherever they might be. Here, the axiom, its better to find all the hundred places you can land one customer than to find the 1 place to find 100 customers, apply.

3. Deploy your salesman that arrives like absolutely NO ONE else.

In today's day and age, the way to do this effectively without making your brain hurt is to use....VIDEO.


Video is a medium that is easy to digest, most people prefer and no one spends the time to deploy.

I've successfully used video to get in touch with tons of prospects, who a great percentage have turned into clients and or gigs that I've readily earned multi thousand dollar pay days for.

I've used it to land jobs that were worth at least $10,000 a month.

I've used it to get instant paydays while struggling to figure out how I was going to pay next months rent.

I've used it to position me as an authority, an expert and someone not to be taken lightly.

The key is that all of those things have to be in place and you have to know what it is that you are going to deliver.

Selling via video or print is not that hard if you understand what you're selling.

Some are selling a product or service.

Some are selling an appointment.

If you make the sale but can't deliver...that's going to screw you up in the end.

Its better to know of a solution and arbitrage that b#$ch than it is to try and sell then solve yourself.

Anyways, the thrust of this message is to point out that if you spend your time solving problems, reaching the majority of folks with those problems and offering them solutions with suggestive proof you can'll be on your way to big money in no time.

I've even figured out a way to make instant multi thousand dollar paydays from classified sites by simply searching a specific search term in my region's job experience necessary.

There are a few sneaky up the sleeve things that I'm testing right now regarding this very premise so we'll save that for a dry run, a wso or some sorta training.

For those needing help... ASK AWAY.

For all others...I hope you found this advice practical and helpful.


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    Thank you Los. Very Usefull info, But didn't get the attention it deserved.
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    Good job on sharing this informative post. A lot of people need to see this, as it will help remove hours and hours of headbanging frustration, and get them on the right path toward making some real cash.
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    WOW. This post is gold! Big ups to the OP for this one. It's really informative. I wonder why its not flaming
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    For those of you looking for a "little more" proof of concept....

    This is something you can do to get some "fast money" traction in order to help pay those bills or make enough to test out ppc campaigns or...whatever.

    Hope you find it helpful

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    It was a real inspirational thread. Thanks a lot.
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    nice thread but did not care for the follow up sales is not that easy....everyone on this forum makes things look so easy. these people on this forum are adults and give it to them straight.
    god bless
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    @tristatemedia - it isn't that hard either. It just requires perspective shift and focused effort. For most folks, in my opinion, they simply have a lot going on.

    They have monkeys on their backs, bills that are due and they're trying too many things at once without a goal or an understanding of what to measure.

    Too often, we are all trying to hit it out the park with our first at bat. Not getting our desired outcome or results we're hoping for puts us into a mindset of failure.

    Yes, most folks do make it look too easy and most are full of $hit, but that's why I assumed the free help would be appreciated and at least could be attempted. Best of luck.

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    I really like your style of explanation the way to making money is to solve other people's problem. There are definitely ways to sell the product if the product genuinely help to solve the customer's problem.

    But too many people are not prepared to put in the amount of work and time that is required in order to do successful selling.

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    @Zack - I MOST definitely agree.

    I also feel that too many people are trying to get paid BEFORE they prove concept.

    Can you imagine if you went to like a farmers market or something and every vendor there was like "I make these widget things that are totally awesome and I can make one for you too, but first you need to pay me $500 and then I'll make it for you. I promise, its awesome." (puts his hand out as a gesture to receive money).

    People need to develop their proof.

    Awesome proof includes some of the following:

    -Proof of Outcome - if this is a product (not an info product)...its the end result...what the hell could be simpler?
    -Case Study Results

    No one wants to do this first.

    One of the easiest ways I made money when I first got my offline thing going was to do free designs that I attempted to sell, however, even if I made no money, guess what.....

    I still had collateral that I could use to show others.

    When I started getting good results for pittance pay, I'd simply ask for testimonials and use those to command hire fees from my next customers.

    Building equity in your wares is a powerful way to indoctrinate followers to your brand.

    If they bought one of what you've got and have seen positive results then they're more likely to buy your other stuff.

    That stuff has a snowball effect that most people are unaware of.


    The only group with more actionable info than any WSO → The Parlay Society
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    You are absolutely right, especially what you said about video. I dont know if people search on Youtube before google but Im sure that a video result in google search is incredibly powerful and there is still room to get in there for a lot of keywords.
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    @dkla27 - I'm not just talking about Google searches.

    I'm talking about being prolific.

    Video is extremely easy AND appealing to share and can literally drive your social campaigns, not to mention your offline counterparts.

    That's why on Youtube they have all the other network share icons.

    Google ain't slow when it comes to what the heck works.

    Notice...they even have a Facebook share button....of course!

    Hope that made sense.


    The only group with more actionable info than any WSO → The Parlay Society
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    Great general plan. It's up to the user to use those basic steps and customize it to their own skillset and marketing/development budget.
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    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing
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    Great job and great post. i hope it will be give me good activities. I am already add you in my Google plus circle. I hope we will again get more and more helping thread from you. thanks
    Less is more. Keeping it simple takes time and effort.
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