Are product reviews the only social proof on your eCommerce site?

by nidhib
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Social Proof is a psychological factor that induces trust via convincing visuals.Social Commerce has evolved, and with it the competition. Product Stories being the sole entity of social proof is a thing of the past. What are the other forms of Social Proof that you use? Would love to know your views on this.

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    Yeah in all honesty that's the only way to convince your customers to consider your product. There is just something convincing about a positive review from a 3rd party that makes your potential customer perceive you as the real deal. If you are launching a product and you need reviews just post it in the reviews section of the forum and your problem is solved

    All the best
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      A super simple one is using a Social Media type plugin right below or above your product (the ones that show how many "Likes" or "PINS" or "Diggs" etc. etc.).

      Another SNEAKY but SIMPLE thing you can put on your landing page is....

      "If ______ is sold out, keep checking back. New stock arrives frequently" or something to that effect. This indicates others love the product b/c you mentioned it could be sold out.

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        Awesome stuff Charlie! Thanks a bunch! Will definitely try this one!

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          If you haven't checked it out yet look at Yotpo (nothing to do with me).

          Really nice way of getting reviews of your products into the wild.

          Don't look to MAKE money - look to HELP people and you will make all the money you can ever want.

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      Bang on! Product reviews act as a point of evaluation wherein customers get to judge you with your competitors. If your existing customers are satisfied with your product/service, it doesn't take long for the word to spread. The trick lies in getting these customers to talk about you, and talk GOOD about you. Motivating customers to like you on Facebook, or share their purchase or even involve their peers in their shopping experience will generate a huge SocialProof onto your website.

      Thanks for the response twranks!
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    Thanks for the rec, jeskola.

    Yotpo's also free and takes 5 minutes to install on your store.

    I'm from Yotpo if anyone has any questions feel free to write here or email me at
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      Does Yotpo provides product reviews for the products sold on my website where I have yet to sold any of my products?
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    Yotpo looks cool. Good share!
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    Links to product reviews on other high authority sites and social shares (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
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