How to Reach Affiliates ?

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Just Launched my First Product in JVZoo. So, how can i reach affiliates so they will promote my Product.
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    Start promoting it yourself and when you give your new buyers the product in the back office, give them the option to join your affiliate program too.
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      Make it as easy as you can for affiliates to promote your product by setting up a simple JV/affiliate page on your product site. Give more info about the product on there, include what your funnel looks like including what commission they will receive. Provide swipe emails for your affiliates to use and some graphics for them ( banners, ecover graphic )

      If your product is under $10 I would pay out 100% commission, or at least 75% to make it more attractive to promote and set up something of a higher price with less commission at the back end.

      Post your launches on the usual well known launch calenders can help to.

      Reach out to product vendors who have launched products in the same niche/sub niche as your product. These guys will have a buyers list of people who may be interested in your product and he/she may be willing to promote to there list.
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    Well, you did the first thing right by adding a link to your signature and creating a thread asking how to get affiliates!!

    WF has a whole section you can pay a few bucks to post up that you're looking for affiliates, and there's also facebook groups you can go to. Then whatever product that you've bought in your niche and thought showed value, reach out to that product creator and be real with them. Let them know you bought their product, created your own and are looking for affiliates to come on board - most won't even reply and even then only a few of those that sign up will promote but you'll know which ones to show the love to the next time around!

    Good luck man!
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    Post a classified add on the warriorforum, and get a premium warriorplus listing
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    Depends on the product -- but you don't need 1000 affiliates.. get online and search and find companies that have the type of traffic you need and contact them. Spend your time getting BIG FAT TRAFFIC RICH sites to be your affiliate. Buy two tickets to a football game and send the CEO one of them and he will become your affiliate over a hot dog and a few touchdowns.

    If you like my posts please leave a thanks and message me if you wish for me to follow up with your thread. I enjoy engaging with entrepreneurs and ALWAYS willing to take the time to offer solid answers that you can take to the bank. Internet marketing has made me rich over the last +20 years and this is how I give back to the community for all of those evil popunders I used to sling in the 90s.

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    Create extra landing pages and list your product on other affiliate platforms too. Especially warriorplus will bring you a lot of affiliates if your product is high quality, you got a good sales page etc...
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    You want to find people with a list or traffic that will buy your product so they can see an easy opportunity from making sales of your product. Search for bloggers and twitter accounts related to your niche and contact the owner with details
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