Should You Use Article Marketing for Your Own Product?

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I have a dilemma: I just got Angela & Paul's 80 backlinks that I intend to use to support my new product launch. My initial plan was to divide them 40/40 between my landing page and a submitted review article.

But my article seems too much like another sales letter. I don't have any affiliates yet ~ not sure that I want any for this product, since it's only priced at $ 9.97. I keep reading all the caveats on EZA & GoArticles about "commercial" articles. If I risk getting the article yanked for blatant self-promotion, would it be wiser to focus all my link-building efforts on my own website?

Any advice from the Article Marketing pros would be most welcome.
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    Instead of a self-written review, you can instead write articles on related topics to your ebook and submit them to EZA. Try to imagine the person who would buy your product and consider what related searches they may be making.

    For example if your product was about weight loss, you could write articles on similar keyword phrases. How to lose weight, quick weight loss, losing weight on your legs, how to get a flat tummy etc. But instead of promoting your ebook directly, provide useful but incomplete information with a link at the bottom to your product that gives "all the information".

    Done this way, article marketing can be very powerful for your own product, you're unlikely to get into trouble with EZA and it is a technique I use regularly.

    All the best,
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  • Hi Hasan.
    I make you a clear example : I made an article about Google Wonder Wheel and I posted on three article directories changing something for each article.

    Just because my new product is about Article Marketing, I extracted a subject and I explain something but not all about it.
    In my resource box I put a straight link to my website.

    Make the desired amount of articles and your articles will be accepted.

    If instead you make a full review, in 90% of cases, your article will be refused.

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    It is always wise do some work by your self. I know why someone do it. Why someone leaves their work someone else? Because your time is worth more. So however you start make sure you finish it. That's what I would do.
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    Your product (hopefully) solves a problem, fulfills a need. Write articles about the problems your customers have. If you've done the research before making the product, use all that.

    Your article has to be complete to be accepted to directories, and has to be on subject (has to deliver what's promised in the title). But you can ask readers to check your site for more detailed information on how to solve the problem.
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    I'm assuming you've done keyword research for the niche you are selling to. I would submit multiple articles across several of the largest directory's.

    Article marketing works, you'll only be benefiting by solidifying SEO and increasing traffic.
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    Yes article marketing is great to promote your own products.
    Do it constantly and learn from other article can bring you sales everyday.
    The key is content that drives people to buy your product.
    You can learn from other that success in this field.
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    You can write articles that will promote the heck out of your products that will pass muster with EZA or any other article directory's standards.

    It requires smart structure, some subtlety and the right resource box.

    You can't write "Why You MUST Buy My Widget". They'll shoot that down.

    You can write "How to Choose the Best Widget".

    Now, can you think of a way to write that article that explains a criteria for widget selection that just so happens to match perfectly with what your widget does?

    Can you think of a way of creating a seamless transition between that article and a great resource box?
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    Carson Brackney
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    Remember: Facts tell, stories sell. Make your article into a compelling story. That coupled with the right structure and your article will drive the kind of traffic that everyone longs for.

    Friends and acquaintances are the surest passport to fortune. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
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