Website designers and coders - How to Boost Sales With Free Targeted Leads

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Web site designers and coders
- How to Boost Sales With Free Targeted Leads

You need more sales ?
Get a years supply of targetted (IM'ers) in exchange for this job:

I am working on a website which is about to be lunched in the IM field.

The web pages are all complete and fully validated.
It looks good in Moz Firefox, but not so good in IE.

I need some help from a CSS coder who can take the source code and
css and write the necessary hacks to make the site look good in
IE ( 6 - 8) as well as Safari and Opera. For someone that knows what
they are doing - it should not take very long.

In return you get front page recognition, thank you and link to your
website for a whole year. We can do some additional marketing for you via our
membership mailing ( all IMers ) as well.

PM me for site address and more details.
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      Hi Jekiko

      I am interested in this.
      Can I ask you what is the html like?

      You say it is validated, I guess you mean valid
      html by ?

      ( if so that's a good start, most sites don't validate)

      but is it all tables or is it using proper css layout ?

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        Hi - Preston
        I have PM'ed you back and answered your question.

        Hi - John
        The html format is clean.
        It uses divs with css classes in the .css file

        We don't use tables except where there is tabulated data
        (i.e. where it should be used )

        Just PM me and I will give you the url so that you can
        take a look yourself.

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