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by bsurb
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I would like to run a contest for a free product of mine such as a Tshirt or a pair of glasses. Has anybody ran any contests through social networks? How did you have success?

I was thinking about selected one random winner who has to have my Facebook page liked and must share the link on their status?

Is that good enough to get some customer engagement going? Give it about a week before I select a winner.

What do you think?
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    I think if you're giving away something cheap like a tee shirt or a pair of sunglasses, then the only people who will care are people who already love your brand.

    Of course if it's a designer tee shirt or a $300 pair of sunglasses, then it will different. But your audience needs to be the type of people who care about those things, and the gifts should tie into what you do.

    If you're trying to drive new traffic, I would think about two things:

    1. The giveaway is actually valuable
    2. The gift ties in very closely to your business

    If you give away a $2,500 laptop, you're going to attract a lot of people. But unless your business is very closely tied to laptops, it will be worthless. You'll just have a bunch of freebie seekers descending on you like locusts.

    If, on the other hand, you gave away a valuable piece of software that very closely ties into your business, and no one but your target market would be interested in it, that could work.
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    OK, sorry. I just noticed your links. It seems you sell tee shirts and sunglasses!

    Maybe it could work. Still, for a giveaway, you might try to think of something even bigger somehow that will give more of a wow factor. You could maybe do something like win a free t-shirt for you and 5 of your friends. Something to amp it up.
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    I think this strategy is a waste of time.

    You want to make money and engaging people in a contest is a waste of time in my view.
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    Im not going to make money right away. A contest could drive not only traffic but potential future buyers. Who ever participates in the contest will always have my brand in their mind somewhere. Maybe down the road that particular person would revisit just because.

    I could do like a $50 gift card to a skate shop?? That would work well I think. Second place ill do a tshirt

    Rules could be that they have to like the facebook page and subscribe to the email list? Sound fair?
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