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On May 6th, I started a Facebook fan page...

[link removed]

Although I didn't start promoting it until May 12th (I clicked either the "Promote my site" or "Make my site active" link).

So far, (May 31st), I have about 2,500 "likes" and I was wondering...

At what point should I start "selling" and promoting products to my "fans"? I do want to start monetizing my fan page, but at the same time, I don't want my fans to think that the entire purpose of this page is to sell them product after product.

Should I maybe wait a few more weeks to sell them stuff and for now, start posting some links to articles or start offering some free things to build their trust, or do you think I should start selling right now?


P.S.: It seems for my fan page, my fans are more interested in the "cute" photos more than anything else.
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    I would advise you to use their pay per click platform.

    This is the fastest and easiest way to go in my view.
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    Dave, I'd suggest that you start (or continue) writing posts that give an added value to your fans. Sell later. Once your fans have established their trust on you, they'll believe your products.
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    I would say start posting free things to build their trust and to get some of these people on your email list.

    Maybe create a free ebook on storywriting tips then promote affiliate offers to your email list.
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      Offering some free things is good advice. You can find a ton of free ebooks online that you can distribute easily.

      When you get ready to start promoting products, you'll want to continue offering the pictures, helpful articles, and free items in addition to your paid products. In fact, you'll want to post a lot more often about those things and maybe just once or twice here and there with your products.

      Play with your ratios a little bit. You will be able to tell what users like and what they don't like. Pack a ton of value in your products, and you'll do well especially with that many Likes. Good luck.
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    I would've started selling to them before the concept even arose in my mind. 2,500 likes... well... if they are legit, make a special offer for it. Hopefully all of your likes belong to people who are interested in what your site is about.
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    I will advice you start with some nice quality content (this will make your post to be shared & will bring in more likes) and spice it up with some free CPA offers.
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    People There Is A Forum For Social Media Here: Social Media
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