Looking for WSO Sales Templates that Don't require Photoshop but maybe Pixlr?

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Hello My Warrior friends,

How's It been going? Ok, I am looking for any type of say, wso sales page templates that can be edited on Pixlr and NOT Photoshop!

Most require PS and I ain't got that, nor do I wanna try to explain to a Fiverr guy what I want. I made need to use the template several times and I know how to use Pixlr. But, nobody has Pixlr templates that I have seen.

So I turn to you, Warriors, to ask for your help in finding these.

Or, anything that is way simple to edit. I seek simplicity!


Robert C.------>
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    My best advice. Invest in photoshop OR pay someone on fiverr to make the changes for you.

    Photoshop is the standard for web graphics and so most stuff you find will be in PSD format for that reason.
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    Doesn't GIMP edit layered PSD files now?

    You buy PS on eBay pretty cheap or they have a monthly deal now. If you really can't afford it, you could use the trial for 30 days.

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    You may be able to get an older version used from ebay or halfpricebooks.com

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    It's not that I can't afford it, it's that I'd have to learn it


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      Originally Posted by Robert X View Post

      It's not that I can't afford it, it's that I'd have to learn it
      For simple image editing there really isn't a whole lot to learn. The sooner you start learning photoshop the better. It can save you a heap of time and money in the longrun. I bought photoshop years ago and just learnt everything as I went along. When I needed to do something I didn't yet know how to do, I would just go to Youtube and search for a tutorial video. Now I am quite proficient in PS and it makes things so much easier instead of always having to rely on an outsourcer for simple graphics or graphic editing.
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    There is a WSO template somewhere, i've seen it before. I'll try and find it out for you and send it your way.


    New niche marketing site launching soon..... ;)

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