Which Shopping Cart Do You Prefer?

by JeremyL 9 replies
Hi Warrior,

I've been looking at different shopping carts and haven't decided which way to go yet.

I've looked at
-Mals e-com
-1Shopping cart
-Zen (quick look)

I have a 3rd party gateway provider, so I'd like to just plug in this ID into cart.

Also, I'd like the cart to have an affiliate facility and autoresponder facility as basic requirements.

My product range (for this project) is under 5 so manual button code generation is OK. Paid cart service no problem.

Any stories, insights, testimonials would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Jeremy,

    I use Zen cart and it's great - been using it for years and never had a problem - it ticks over and sends me sales every day!

    If you only have a few products, what about using the Paypal shopping cart? A complex script is probably overkill, unless you are planning on expanding the product range in the future?


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      Hi Jason,

      I will check out Zen further.

      Unfortunately, PayPal Pro is not available to us here in Australia, so I've set up a merchant account with Aussie Bank already. Its for a mainstream product and while I'll offer paypal as a payment option, I decided that for this product, it shouldn't be the only option.

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      • I'm still waiting for 1shoppingcart.com to fix a major issue from 3 months ago, not heard from their lead tech support guy in over 3 weeks.

        One of my busineses has around 120,000 + people on on various AR's there , thousands keep dissapearing and re-appearing.

        Tey keep telling me the clients have not not gone missing it's just their own reports are inaccurate, and yet strangely they have not been able to fix these reports in over 18 months.

        I'm not a fan anymore, the lousy support killed it for me. I had bespoke stuff written for my own purposes.
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          Been using Mal's for years and years -- the interface is simple and highly extensible, and the customer service is top notch.

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            I use X-Cart for pretty much every ecommerce project. There are many mods that enhance its core for what ever you want to do. It does have the affiliate ability you need and the newsletter system does not provide autoresponder but honestly you are better off with a 3rd party system.

            X-Cart is very modular and very easy to adapt for any purpose. I have run it with over 300,000 products and as little as 10 and everything in between. If you are running just 5 products it may be overkill but if you are going to grow into many more items then it may be a good bet so you are not reinventing the wheel later on.

            Hope that helps.
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              Thanks for your thoughts and comments guys,

              At present I'm checking out Mal's. Does anyone else use Mal's.

              Frank, I'd like to PM you with a few questions if I may.

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                I have been using 1shoppingcart for 3 years and NEVER had one single issue. I've processed severeal hundred thousand dollars through them and never had any issues. They are awesome and it's the only one I'd recommend to anyone. They have everything. Shopping cart, autoresponder, merchant account, the works. The ONLY place I ever recommend.

                Now mind you, I am not saying other places aren't good, because I've not tried them all, I just got lucky on my first decision


                (Kiethen Davis)

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                  Can clickbank be considered a shopping cart?

                  - For your import/export/customs questions or problems, send PM.

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                    No, but if you only promoted clickbank products, I suppose you wouldn't need a shopping cart

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