Wordtracker help is needed! I'm lost!

by LF09
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It seems I don't get the hang of understanding how to do proper keyword research. I use Wordtracker and have hundreds of keywords which COULD
potentially be interesting for my market BUT......

How do I know if a market or keyword is big enough to go after? I mean, how many searches a day do you need to have minimum per keyword to make it interesting? The keywords I have are only getting maybe between 15-20 searches per day per keyword...

Does this mean there is no market for my product? If use more general search terms/ keywords, there are more searches but I'm not sure if they are still interesting for my product, since they seem too general.

In other words: I'm lost in Wordtracker!!! Can anyone tell me how to do a proper keyword research and what are the criteria for it to be valuable?

After all, I don't want to waste time on doing keyword research, to find out that they will only generate very limited traffic and zero to none conversions....... . HELP ME!!! I'M FULL OF :confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    LF09 I am not sure if Graham has answered your question (lets hope so!)
    I work for KeywordDiscovery Customer Support and in regards to KeywordDiscovery I can help answer your question.

    Once you have generated your keyword terms you need to analyze them, this will provide you with more information than a raw search.

    KeywordDiscovery provides an anaylze tool which can help you find the amount of competition/question terms/ for a particular keyword.

    Often this will help you determine a niche market- the less competition the better!

    Look into KEI- KEI stands for Keyword Effectiveness Indicator and designed to measure the effectiveness, or the value of a given search term. KEI is a value between 0 and 10.
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    I use word tracker,googles keyword tool, and traffic travis. By using googles keyword tool I can get a rough idea of the traffic going to the site. Traffic travis also gives me a daily search volume. I then try to limit each exact below 100k competitors this has been what has worked for me. It may not be the best way to do keyword research.
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    Lf09.--What ever your getting in wordtracker multiply by 3 to get abetter daily search for google,ect...
    I do what Pete says.I have wordtracker,traffic travis,and google.I only use the 3 to get a better idea all across the board as to say.
    This gives me a better average.
    I only target keywords with less than 5 to 10,000 competing pages because i use bum marketing.
    With this styrategy i can get on googles first page.
    I go for keywords from 100 daily on up.
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      Originally Posted by pcpupil View Post

      I only target keywords with less than 5 to 10,000 competing pages because i
      Are you searching your keyword phrase in parentheses?
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    fherrera----I use quotation marks and parentheses.
    I also use intitle,and i also use inurl.
    I also use---allintitle:yourkeyword
    I also use---allinurl:yourkeyword
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    There is no right or wrong answer regarding keyword demand, some keywords with very low daily searches will make you more money than high demand keywords that don't have commercial intent.

    Only way to determine this is to get traffic ( organic or paid) and track at the keyword level. I also wouldn't use wordtracker for your search demand results as you would be better using the free adwords external tool or even setting up an adwords ad to check the real demand.
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    i can teach you how
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