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Hi guys,

Do you know Anthony Morrison? "Success with Anthony" and "Traffic with Anthony". He pays $85 and $100 for every sale you make. But I am a bit confused here, how can you pay someone $85 when the product costs around $50, or even less (down to $7).
Where are his profits here?

Thank you
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    He must be making money on the backend..

    I don't personally know Anthony Morrison though to be honest so I couldn't comment on his credability.
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      Originally Posted by blueclcl View Post

      He must be making money on the backend..

      I don't personally know Anthony Morrison though to be honest so I couldn't comment on his credability.
      I've seen him on YouTube, he dabbles in many fields. He is not very communicative though to his fans/followers.

      Pat Flynn on the other hand, goes out of his way to answer emails and tweets.
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    You might want to look at his business structure in more depth. I don't know the guy, but if his product is subscription based or turn-key, he can afford to pay you more money than the original cost. Affiliates and banner ads can also provide extra income for him on the back end.
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    All what you see is the front end! I guess he has a good sales funnel which converts very well at the backend or he exactly know that his email marketing is good enough to make for example high ticket commissions with his follow up and broadcast mails.
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    I've used Anthony Morrisons product called the auto traffic accelerator. Its a pretty cool piece of software i also became part of the VIP access. He gives weekly web seminars and sometimes brings other affiliate marketers that he has worked with to give pointers.like Marco Moeschter surmised he does have a very good sales funnel however in my opinion most of the money that he makes is through the Ads on his website and various referral commissions from his audience base. Currently im involved in other online ventures at the moment so im not as involved with his sites as i used to be so "im unaware of the pays $85 and $100 for every sale you make" news however i will say as far as his credibility is concerned my advice to you would be to do more research and try things out. It doesn't hurt if you can. I say this because i never actually worked with Anthony so i cant give you information on sales alone.
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    It's all in the back-end through higher end products/services and most likely coaching as well.

    This is why they can afford to pay you more than what the front-end product is currently selling for.

    If he's got a proven to convert offer, could be worth it for you to throw some traffic at it and see what it can do.
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    I have often wondered the same thing, like with hosting companies. How can they pay $100 bucks a pop for $7 a month hosting? After searching and doing my own marketing I realized that it is all about the "lifetime value" of the customer. If I know that the average customer will spend $300 ( or more) with me over the course of our contact (lifetime) then I am making a good margin even if I pay affiliate $100 for a front end $7 sale. It works out in the numbers but it still makes me nervous to do.
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    The answer to your question is in "the lifetime value of a customer."

    If the lifetime value of the average customer is $1000 -- even if the front end offer is only $50 -- then he is paying pennies on the dollar for new leads.
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    i am never hear about this. but there is some ways that he can make money through different method. By the way, i think this is a way to promote his product by increasing huge traffic to his squeeze page.

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    Haven't heard of him, but I guess he has OTOs and other stuff in the backend.
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