Anyone suffered from business loss? Did you fail to make money online?

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Did anyone here suffer from business loss while trying internet marketing?
Like did you lose hundreds or thousands of dollars by paying for Google adwords or lost money advertising?
When I ask people whether I should invest money in advertising most people here tells to be very careful , test and track everything and start small. I understand their concern. But did anyone here actually spent hundreds or thousands of dollars paying for advertising, paid traffic and lost money ?
Most of the online gurus spend huge amount of money in advertising expenses. How come they become so successful and keep on spending money and on the other hand many people just keeps telling you could lose your shirt if you try advertising or paid traffic.
I want to make money online. Getting free traffic takes time and is not a predictable way to get traffic to your offers. So I am exploring ways to use paid traffic to advertise affiliate offers and thereby make money online.
But I don't want to lose all the money trying to make some money. Just wondering how many people have successfully used paid traffic and how many people experienced massive loss trying paid traffic?
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    You fail. You will fail. You pick youself
    up, dust your pants off and get right
    back to the task ahead. You will find
    something that works.

    Robert Oliver

    It's Not Over Till I Win!
    Do you see the glass half empty or half
    full? The difference can mean success or
    The simple things seem to be the most
    effective and most overlooked.

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    I lost a lot of money with paid traffic (Adwords) many years ago because I was promoting a new product, and without affiliates. I didn't even know internet marketing. My knowledge was ridiculous, but I had no idea of how ignorant I really was.

    If you want to use paid traffic you cannot pay for ‘thinkers’. You have to promote a known product, or a product recommended by many authorities in your niche.

    If you are promoting something new nobody will buy after one click.

    If your ad is not convincing, you won't beat the competition.

    Perhaps you could try Facebook ads, which are cheaper.

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    Originally Posted by fahadabrarkhan View Post

    Most of the online gurus spend huge amount of money in advertising expenses. How come they become so successful and keep on spending money and on the other hand many people just keeps telling you could lose your shirt if you try advertising or paid traffic.
    Do you think these so called "Guru's" just launched a PPC (or similar) campaign and were successful overnight?

    The reason people tell you to use extreme caution is because yes, you could lose a lot of money if you start blindly. The ones who became successful with paid advertising spend a lot of money testing, tweaking campaigns until they find those that work...

    You should learn as much as you can, maybe even find yourself a paid advertising mentor who could teach you what they know before you jump in...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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      so far I have invest a lot on my website also one niche .for affiates...

      irony is google adsense I saw there are some earnings...I still haven't recieved my first cheque from google..keep my finger cross..

      yea I count fact already spend few k ...
      SEO , target traffic... and some useless kits ..scams.

      I take it as a lesson to learn...

      I hope by end of the year can see more improve...
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    I've almost always made money with paid advertising. The only time i loss big was when trying to sell a $400 product cold turkey.
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    Everyone loses and wins. I bet almost every internet marketer will go through hell before they succeed. You learn from your mistakes.
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      Well said. In this game you don't succeed fast and most definitely not until you lose money and time.
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        In my opinion, you must be willing to lose if you want to win. PPC can be expensive but when you have a good product combined with the right ads and keywords, conversions rates can be off the charts.

        Most of the money that I've lost over the years was caused by not having the right mind set. I was always looking for the cheapest way to do everything and that usually resulted in failure. People are paying good money for PPC ads because they work not because it's the thing to do. Your job is to figure out how to make them work for your particular business and the way to do that is testing.

        Just to give a simple example of what I mean by testing, I've witnessed conversion rates almost double due to a simple change of color. It really could be that simple or it could be as complicated as needing to reword your entire sales page. Lots of variables to take into account when it comes to testing.

        Wishing you much success,
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    We have all lost money at one time or another -- sometimes every day.

    The difference between the winners and losers is that the winners often make more money than they lose.

    Most people who lose money are learning from the experience -- hopefully, so that they will not always lose money doing the thing that they are doing.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    Of course, but mistakes are made to learn from not duplicate..
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    I have lost a lot of money in adwords and facebook when I started. But that was not a loss, just a business experience. Now I know how to handle my campaigns. I quickly spot out the odd one's and stop them.
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