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I have just gone through the post and there are no links to my site and no other outbound links at all, so hopefully it won't get deleted.

If it does then apoligies for doing something wrong!

Have you ever wanted to be like the experts in your niche? The marketers/ bloggers that speak up and everyone listens to what they have to say?

You probably have - who doesn't want an army of fans that listen and believe in every word you say! Fans that tend to purchase anything you ask them to.

While this would be great, the problem for many of us is that we don't know how to get these passionate followers or don't have the time to wait around for months/ years even to get them.

But what if there is a quick and almost certain way to do this succesfully..

What I'm going to share with you in this post is a way in which I believe to be a super fast way to get your very own raving fans that see you as an authority in your niche.

The process does require a bit of work, but believe you me, it will all be worth it if you do it correctly.

Step 1. Setup a squeeze page for your niche. If you already have a squeeze
page, then great, use that, but you need to make sure that it converts well and the best way to do this is by offering a great report. If you don't have a free report/ offer, then you need to set one up ASAP.

Once you have this in place, then that's all you need to do with regards to this step.

Step2. You are going to write guest blog posts for websites that have thousands of visitors per day. ( Or get someone To write for you )

Simply find blogs related to your niche to post a guest article on. If you know of any popular sites that have high traffic then make a note of the URL and save it for future use.

Don't know any blogs then try this below:

Type the following search term into Google:

"(Niche topic)" "(Guest Blog Phrase)"

Your Niche topic for example could be one of the following:
  • Make Money Online
  • Internet Marketing
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Video Marketing
  • Ebook Creation
  • Amazon Cash
  • Website Design
  • Graphics
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • and so on.....
Your Guest blogging Phrase could be one of the following:
  • Write for Us Add
  • Guest Post Bloggers Wanted
  • Guest Bloggers Wanted
  • Guest Post
  • Guest Posts Roundup
  • Guest Blogging Spot
  • Submit a Guest Post
  • Submit Guest Post
  • Become a Guest Blogger
  • Submit a Guest Article
  • Guest Post Guidelines
  • Guest Bloggers Wanted
  • and so on...
By following the above advice, you should be able to locate a good number of potential blogs to guest post on. Your job is to make a list of the url's and their contact email address.

Step3. - The next step is to find out how much traffic the blog get's. If you already know that the blog is a popular blog, then tick this off as good to go.

For the others ones, the following sites will work for tracking how many visitors a site gets per month:


You need to find blogs related to your niche with high traffic you should be aiming for blogs with high traffic around the 40.000 visitors per day mark.

You also want sites that only post say 1 blog post per day, you don't really want sites that post 10 post a day as this will limit your exposure, so look for sites that post less and that have social interaction like facebook, twitter sharing options and of course lots of comments on the post.

Once you have completed this step, then you should have a short list of sites to offer articles to.

Step4. Once you have a list of site, you need to contact them with your offer to write content, but before you do that, you need to come up with at least 5 different articles ready to go.

They need to be between 800 2000 words, sometimes more!

The content needs to be top drawer with perfect grammar. If you're not confident of doing this yourself then you can go to sites like Elance and pay for someone to write it for you. Make sure they understand that the content has to be of a high standard to get accepted!

Always locate the best writers in your niche, even if it cost more money.

Instructions for your article:

The title needs to be very catchy. It needs to smack them between the eyes, so make sure you come up with a super catchy title like the examples below:

  • Product Creation Problems? Use These 3 Tips For Creating A Product In Just A Few Hours
  • Little Known Factors That Could Get You Banned From Amazon & Sent To Jail
  • 6 Warning Signs That Your Eating Yourself To Death
  • Your Wife Is Bang**g The Milkman:This Is How To Prove It
Can You see how these titles gain attention?, You need to come up with fantastic titles for your articles.

The Actual Article

If you're writing the article yourself, then research research research and make the dam thing a master piece - Spend a week creating it if you need to!

If you're getting someone to write it for you, then make sure they understand how good it has to be. Send them your researched information for pointers.

The Call To Action

You need to write a short blurb of text at the end of the article explaining to them where you blog at.. Make sure you have a link to your blog in the blurb.

See how other guest bloggers are doing this and get ideas.
That it, simply create 3 - 5 posts all fully complete and ready to go.

Once this is done then all that is left for you to do is contact the blog owners and ask them if there interested in publishing your content on their blog.

Send them an email with the titles of each article and a brief description of what the article is about. If the title is good then you will catch their attention and they will ask you to send them the article over to read.

If you follow the advice above, then they will publish it on their blog - Mission complete!

How does this get you noticed and enable to earn you more money you may be thinking?

What happens next once your article is published on a high traffic site is usually the following:

Your article will be viewed by thousands of visitors, it will be that good ( If you do it right ) that most of the readers will want to read more from you, they will know that you're someone to listen to, someone in authority and above else, someone they feel they can trust!

They will click on your link and visit your site, they will see your opt in form and sign up to get your free product and just to be on your list.

You have impressed them in your article, they want more from you and they will seek out ways to get it... Your job is to provide it.

Without realising, all of a sudden that guest post as created you lots of email subscribers who trust you because you know what your talking about, they
know this from the content you create..

As you continue to write more guest posts to high traffic blogs, then you get more fans who trust what you have to say.

Your building trust, your building an email list and I don't need to tell you that the money is in the list!

The next time you sell a product the next time you produce an ad the
next time you write a blog post the next time you want to giveaway a free report to make affiliate sales on the backend the next time you sell a service, then all you need to do is send an email and they will come because they trust you and what you have to offer or provide.

Simply rinse and repeat!
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    Thanks for the advice, this will help tons of newbies
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    Great stuff guest posting is an amazing way to get traffic
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    • Profile picture of the author Steve B

      I assume you have tried exactly what you're suggesting? I would be interested in knowing how much traffic and how many subscribers you are getting (on average) each time you do this method?

      I have largely been quite disappointed with the results when I have guest blogged.

      Finely I took the advice of Ryan Diess who says the model is upside down.

      He claims that you should do just the opposite: invite guest bloggers to post on your site - don't post on theirs.

      His reasoning is: the site with all the great guest articles in the niche is seen as the "authority" site. It is much better to own the authority site than to have your content on lesser sites.

      Once you have a quality article on another site you lose total control. It could be gone tomorrow.

      Also, great articles are going to attract traffic and search engines to the site where they're published - not so much the author's site. Sure you'll get a little bit of exposure, but compared with the good your article is doing for the blogger that's publishing it, you're not getting a lot in return.

      This has been my experience so I'm interested in how much your method has helped you.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      • Profile picture of the author Mark Singletary
        Originally Posted by Steve B View Post

        He claims that you should do just the opposite: invite guest bloggers to post on your site - don't post on theirs.
        Steve, do you mind elaborating on this a little more?

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          Originally Posted by Mark Singletary View Post

          Steve, do you mind elaborating on this a little more?

          The idea here is that you get people to write on your blog who are fairly authoritative. These people then go onto share the post on your site with their followers on Twitter, Facebook and so on and if you're lucky their own email subscribers.

          This then sends traffic to YOUR blog as opposed to THEIR blog.

          There is of course also the advantage of getting high quality and FREE content on your site which is only ever going to be a bonus in terms of readership and SEO.


          I don't think it's a discussion of this or that but actually both. You should guest post on blogs but also encourage people to guest post on your blog too.
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          • Profile picture of the author Steve B
            Marketing Bees has elaborated some of the points I would make.

            The idea was that guest bloggers would send you quality posts and you would have control over what went on your blog and what didn't. You could be seen as the authority in your niche because all the great content was on your site, not the sites of others.

            Ryan explained that guest bloggers will often go onto Facebook, Twitter, etc and tell their subscribers to check out their latest post on (such and such) blog site - which is YOUR site. You benefit from the new people coming to your blog, you benefit from the guest content posted on your blog, and the search engines begin to see that your site is the hub of activity in the niche - the true "authority."

            When you guest blog on other sites it puts your great content to work for a competitor's site. You do get some benefit from the exposure and a few will click through your sig file. But it's my contention (and experience) that most of the benefit of guest blogging goes to the blog that is posting the great content - NOT the guest blogger.

            That's just my experience - yours may be different.

            The OP said that you should guest blog in the beginning because what I'm suggesting (inviting others to come to your blog) "only works if you already have a lot of traffic to target guest posters." That has not been my experience.

            I have found that guest bloggers usually like to post on your blog because it represents a potentially "new" audience for them. They aren't usually too picky about how many subscribers I have. Granted, my blog has to be high quality and not spammy. Most guest bloggers already have great posts/articles that they will modify and send without too much hesitation or work on their part.

            The real bottom line for me is this . . . I want to build up my site and not my competitor's sites. And my previous experience suggests to me that is better done by being the guest host rather than the guest blogger.

            The best to all of you,


            Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    It's helped me to build my list and blog traffic in the past and I am still using the method today for a niche outside IM.

    I totally agree with what your saying about getting people to guest post on your blog to be better, but this only works if you already have a lot of traffic to target guest posters.

    That's my aim.

    I think this is a good way to build a list and visitors for new blogs, and then you can do as you say when the site has traffic

    You make a very good point and I agree with your saying.
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