what if adsense blocks my payment, Please come read and suggest! :o

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Firstly Like most of you I've been working very hard for years to make something big, to make a living actually. And I'm from one of those poor Asian countries where adsense doesn't respect our hard work.

I've tried creating few accounts on my friends and family name even i had aged account but no matter what i would always receive 0.10$ average per click.. regardless of content, cpc, ctr

This was very frustrating and recently I came up with a solution and please i need you to give me any suggestions you can.

So here's the scenario, I've a relative in US who is a citizen there.. I created an adsense account under his name.. He just agreed to help create the account but he doesn't want to receive any payment to his bank so i had my us payment service from payoneer.
This is where I am receiving my payments and each day my revenue is growing beyond my expectations.

But I am so scared here that Adsense might block my payment or do anything if my earnings gets in high 4-5 figures

because i haven't filled adsense tax information as i don't operate in us neither i use any us resources besides payoneer service to receive payment. i don't do anything against adsense tos.. everything is legit it's a genuine high traffic site i operate

and the main thing is the payee profile is my relative but he doesn't recieve payments, the payment is sent to my name to us virutal bank accout by payoneer.

So, if i were to make $50k in a month, do i have any risks here?

can adsense hold my funds or block my account?

What options would I have in such case. Please this is very important and I need your kind suggestions

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    Originally Posted by fansites View Post

    i don't do anything against adsense tos
    Well, after a quick look, you violate both of these:

    You may only have one Account.

    Unless expressly authorized in writing by Google, you may not enter into any type of arrangement with a third party where that third party receives payments made to you under the Agreement or other financial benefit in relation to the Services.

    Which will ultimately lead to:

    Google may at any time terminate the Agreement, or suspend or terminate the participation of any Property in the Services for any reason. If we terminate the Agreement due to your breach or due to invalid activity, we may withhold unpaid amounts or charge back your account. If you breach the Agreement or Google suspends or terminates your Account, you (i) will not be allowed to create a new Account, and (ii) may not be permitted to monetize content on other Google products.
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    Yes, you're violating their TOS by creating multiple accounts.

    Don't depend on Adsense for income. They yank accounts all the time, and I don't think they'll pay you your earnings if you're banned.
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    Ask your relative to open another account and receive payments there. As he not receiving payments in his own account. Dont violate adsense rule other wise you will lose your payments
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      Originally Posted by fansites View Post

      because i haven't filled adsense tax information as i don't operate in us neither i use any us resources besides payoneer service to receive payment.
      Well, actually as far as Google is concerned you do operate in the US or at least your relative does.

      Originally Posted by fansites View Post

      i don't do anything against adsense tos.. everything is legit it's a genuine high traffic site i operate
      Not true, like others have stated you are violating Google's TOS and there is nothing legit about your agreement with Google. For starters you are using a false name and address...
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    If you're in the range of making $50k a month, register a legitimate corporation in the US, sell your website as an asset to the corporation and run the site only through the corporation, with a 'corporate' adsense account and US bank account.

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    As others have already said, by opening multiple accounts, especially after having accounts closed, IS against their ToS's.
    Google can pull your account and refund any monies to advertisers any time they want, and they don't have to justify themselves to you. You agree to that when you open an account!
    If you do actually get to the point of receiving a decent sum from them, do as IMMer1975 says and get your arse over there for long enough to set up a proper, legitimate company.

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    As the others mentioned, always respect the Google TOS or you will risk losing your account and earnings. But, as far as earning $50,000, that's just a dream for most people. And, if you are only earning ten cents per click, that's not likely going to happen. Most Adsense publishers are small fish in a really giant pond, so no worries for you if you hit pay out on Adsense.

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    iMMer nailed it, set up a US Corporation and bank account and then get a new adsense account for the corp. It will cost some $ to set up and maintain but you will be legit.
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