Anyone heard of Vidsy? It's a sales letter writing software.

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Anyone know anything about this software for help to write sales letters. I don't expect it to be a copywriting professional but as I newbie I would not be in a position to hire a copywriting professional and could certainly use any help available.

Thanks, Dean
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    Save your money and get this Free WSO by Kevin Hill...

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    Are you sure you have the spelling correct? Do you have a link to the website to learn more?

    Anne L
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    I personally would not trust a software to write a sales letter for me.

    You would be better off if you if hire someone to do it for you.
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    If someone designed sales letter software that could produce quality writing that made people buy a product, they would be very rich, very quickly.
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    | Vidsy

    From Market Samurai
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    if it created the actual video.. it would be worth it..

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      Originally Posted by Anne Laidlaw View Post

      Are you sure you have the spelling correct? Do you have a link to the website to learn more?

      Anne L
      You can find us at Vidsy - Marketing Videos Made Easy

      Originally Posted by bluecoyotemedia View Post

      if it created the actual video.. it would be worth it..
      We're working on it
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        I'm a newbie and am considering the product but the offer does not indicate the time period of commitment. It may take me longer than 30 days to get some worthy sales copy together. Would I be able to discontinue after 90 days?
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          Originally Posted by Blerma View Post

          I'm a newbie and am considering the product but the offer does not indicate the time period of commitment. It may take me longer than 30 days to get some worthy sales copy together. Would I be able to discontinue after 90 days?

          I'm sure they'll let you cancel your monthly membership after 90 days, or anytime you want.
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    There is a cool Wordpress plugin I found called "five minute sales letters" by Matt Cook. I was impressed by the output of the plugin and it only costs a few bucks. Well worth checking out.
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    Good to see the Market Samurai guys have got into this market, you know you'll be getting a quality tool.
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    I've looked into this... from a copywriter's point of view, it's just not personalized or in depth the way that hiring a writer can be.
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    I'd have to test the software out before I invested in this. Copywriting, IMO, is not something that can be done on a high quality level by a piece of software. I'd love to see the quality of sales letter it produces though, would be worth a try.

    Digital Marketer | Investing Enthusiast

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      I've tried it. I love it- and it's helped me write my first sales letter-one that's has gotten some great feedback from the professionals I asked to critique it. But it's not for everyone. If you're not a writer of any sort, then save your money. No software, or "guideware" which it is mostly will replace the skill of a real, skilled copywriter. Vidsy is more like a muse- but there has to be something for the muse to encourage. Writers/copywriters/anykindawriters, have the special ability to turn words into emotionally powerful imagery for the reader. Those words can have the specific intention of eliciting an emotion- or in the case of a copywriter- an action. If you don't understand the process, and why it works, you won't be able to create the necessary words to elicit the desired response, or action in others. People might not agree with me, but I don't think it's an easy skill to teach. You can't teach someone who isn't
      Clayton makepeace or Gary Bencivenga to write like either. Here is a free copywriting course-

      1. Take the top ten selling Clickbank products.
      2. Dissect their sales pages. Most of them will be VSLs
      3. Download them to your PC( or Mac if you're into that kind of stuff You do this easily with Camtasia. They offer a free 30 day trial.

      After every main point, pause the videos, and ask yourself what emotions you feel. Pay close attention to the wording. Write down any "impactful"- words, that illicit a response in and of themselves- you come across. After a few of them, you will start to notice a pattern. You'll notice that they'll all do this in this order, to some fashion:

      1. Get attention
      2. Identify the problem
      3. Provide the solution
      4. Present your credentials
      5. Show the benefits
      6. Give social proof
      7. Make your offer
      8. Inject scarcity
      9. Give a guarantee
      10. Call to action
      11. Give a warning
      12. Close with a reminder

      Think of a problem you actually have- one you'd like a solution for. Now imagine yourself surfing the internet for a solution to this problem. What would catch your attention? Think of ten headlines, and follow up each headline with about a paragraph if introduction to the headline. Use one of the text based sales letter as a template.

      2. Identify the problem. What exactly is your problem? Describe this problem, how, and how much it sucks. Talk a about a specific example of how this problem has negatively impacted your life. Use as many details in the story as you can. Really imagine yourself experiencing this problem, and describe the details.

      3. Now think of a solution to this problem. What kind of features- features that appeal to you does this solution have? How would you like the solution to benefit you? For instance: Your problem is that you want to quit smoking. Your solution is an herbal remedy. Its feature is that it's an easy to take, once per day pill. Its benefit is that it will slowly curb your cravings for tobacco, allowing you to quit smoking completely in 21 days- no longer needing to pay $40 per week for cigarettes. Allowing you to have more energy, less wrinkles. Allowing you know that you'll have more time to spend with your grandchildren. Allowing you to apply for that new health insurance plan as a non tobacco user.

      4. Who are you, and why should anyone listen to you? Maybe you were a 2 pack a day user, who tried everything. Maybe you can tell the story about the smoking cessation medication that put you in hospital. Give details. Maybe you were the person that the doctor told that had emphysema, and you had to quit smoking. Maybe you were the person who realized that you wouldn't have the time to spend with your new baby girl if you didn't. Maybe you were crying on the park bench one day, because you knew you couldn't quit smoking- as much as you tried. Talk about the old Chinese man that barely spoke English and came up to you, and asked why you were crying. You told him your story- in even more tears, and he laughed. You looked at him with a bewildered look, and he said with a straight face- "quit smoking? That easy. You just need three herb."

      5. Restate the benefits/features in #3, elaborating, and adding more. Being that your product is just a pill, elaborate on the benefits of becoming a non-smoker.

      6. Talk about the people that you know that have quit using this product. Tell their stories. Use names, and email addresses if possible.

      7. Introduce your product. Talk about the history of the ingredients. Cite peer reviewed studies on individual components, or combined.

      8. Inject scarcity. You're only offering this product for the next 72 hours- after that it will no longer be available. There was a drought in the region in which the plants grows,and it's not known if the herbs will ever be available for export in the foreseeable future.

      9. Give a guarantee. If the product doesn't work- send the unused portion back for a full refund within 30 days.

      10. Tell them to buy your dang product, and how they can do it.

      11. warn them about the dangers of continuing to be a smoker- hit them again with the "buy now."

      12. Close with a reminder- basically a synopsis of the first 11 steps.

      Next take your "copy" and submit it to the copywriting forum, and ask for critique, and tips. This is exactly what I did. As well as paying $500 for professional copywriters to review it for me
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    I agree the Noble Samurai folks do have quality products. However, this product is a monthly fee and without the ability to actually create the video, I don't see that it should be an ongoing cost. That is the primary reason I'm continuing to search for other alternatives. Right now it is on sale for $25/mo but normally $47 (I think).

    It does help you craft the message and then creates your slides, but you still have to do the rest. So, it saves some time but, once again, not yet worth a monthly fee IMO. I have many great video products already and I was able to acquire all of them without incurring a monthly fee.

    I will be watching to see if they get this upgraded to a point that it actually allows you to record your audio and create the video. Then I may reconsider but I really hate to pay monthly fees on anything.
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      Push Button Letters was the first software program in this category. I was the
      first to codify a 12-step formula for sales letters that is now pretty much taught
      by everyone. I have video proof of that assertion from my speech in 1997 in

      None of that is to brag. Just fact.

      Now to the point: The REASON I created Push Button Letters software is no one
      would follow the 12-step formula I taught. I taught it. No one could actually follow it
      when they wrote their letters.

      Push Button Letters was created as TRAINING WHEELS to guide you in riding a
      bicycle. Once you can ride, you don't need training wheels.

      Having said that, Paul Myers once told me there were occasions he still used it
      because it simply helps gets things moving.

      I won't comment on the slew of copycat and derivative products that came after
      mine. But neither am I critical. Anything that helps people learn to write better
      copy is a useful tool.

      I do have a concern that a few things were lost along the way in the translation.

      Best wishes,

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    I suggest checking out Fiverr for some really high-quality stuff. You can really get some amazing copy from the peeps over there.

    But I'd also suggest saving your money and not buy anything. Rather scour this forum and other places on the internets man. There is TONS of good free information out there available. Paid software ain't gonna do it here I'm afraid.

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    I think if you can write your own copy it is always better but to be honest these software writers don't half make things a lot easier especially if you produce mass copy. I mean don't get me wrong you still have to proof read it but it's a lot better than writing the whole lot from scratch! And depending on how much copy you write I would say an investment in the long run.

    I saw Shawn & Koz's version at an internet marketing event called Robot Author where they demoed it and it did look the shizzle to me. Admittedly this is more for blog articles than sales letters but still maybe worth checking out? Comes with a BIG price tag of course but as always you get what you pay for! So they keep telling me anyway

    If your interested here is a link from one of their webinar replays:-

    Best regards Z
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    Like many others, I'd stick to making your own sales letter or if you have the money, outsource it
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