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I am still in the90secondwebsite but someone told me about alternative...WebPlusX7 (serif.com). Any one know anything about it?
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    As I understand it that is a drag and drop Windows-based website builder, but I have never used it so cannot comment on it's effectiveness but it seems like a good idea if you know zero about HTML or CSS and want to build your own site without going the free-hosted route.

    Why not try it, you can always test it live first.

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    Why not buy hosting and set up WordPress? Are there specific reasons why you don't want to, or can't?
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      One more thing I have to learn . 90 second works fine.
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    FYI...90SecondWebsite Builder looks IDENTICAL to WYSIWYG Web Builder.

    It looks like they're a reseller.

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    Bolt CMS

    Bolt starts out by giving you the usual options of “pages and posts”, but it doesn’t stop there. Anyone familiar with creating custom post types for WordPress will find it easy to create new content types to their heart’s content. You can define what kind of content goes into each content type: text, images, lists, lists of images, and so much more.

    Anchor CMS

    Anchor CMS is geared towards exactly one thing: blogging. This single-minded focus is reflected in the feature-set, and indeed, the very design of the admin interface.


    Pico differs from the other two CMS options on this list in one major way: it’s a flat-file CMS. No, I don’t mean that it stores all of its information in a flat-file database. There is no admin UI. There are no pretty screens for writing content or changing settings.

    Source: WDD
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    Try wordpress, it's easy and there isn't much learning involved!
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    Are you looking alternatives for WordPress, Windows Phone or some obscure piece of software? If it's the last, please don't use abbreviations.

    If you want a simple blogging tool Ghost is an alternative to WordPress.
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    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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