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I have recently started promoting my site. I have had it up for about a year or so but I have just totally rebuilt it.

To be fair, it has only been about 3 weeks so that may be the cause of my 'problem'.

The issue that I am having is that my site is already listing pretty well in (if is a domain), it is on the first page for some keywords, but it doesn't apear at all on It isn't on yahoo or msn yet either.

Is this simply because it is still early days or does google only list in the geographical area that the site is in (it's actually on an american server).

Does anyone have any experience of this?
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    Yes it always happens to me for new sites. Don't worry, soon it will appear on dot com, then it will vanish from google completely, then it will reappear on google singapore, malaysia etc, and then, several months after site launching, it will appear on google dot com again.
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    Thanks for the quick replys guys.

    So do you think that it will get listed in .com eventually? The site is aplicable to the USA as well as the UK.

    How long does it typically take you to get listed in MSN and Yahoo?
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