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I have a couple grand every month to invest into something. I currently have a book publishing business on Amazon/Kindle but I want to diversify a bit. Can anyone recommend any method I can target? I know there are so many different ways to make money on the internet. I have a lot of free time and the funding, I just need to set a goal now.
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    With that kind of disposable income you might want to look at PPC advertising for CPA or other affiliate offers

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    Are you building a list? Add me on skype Wael613 we can chat about ideas.
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    Originally Posted by Jpas97 View Post

    I currently have a book publishing business on Amazon/Kindle but I want to diversify a bit.
    I have a lot of free time and the funding, I just need to set a goal now.
    Are they your books? Do you publish other people's work? If not, you might consider becoming a publisher. Or how about Print On Demand, make your books real to the touch.

    How about publishing special reports or Infographics?

    Cheat Sheet?

    I advise you to use your time to find something that interests you and consider investing your money in THAT direction.


    Publishing is a dynamic industry and we are at the front of the New World Publishing biz, exciting times.
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    How about keeping the money and spending your time creating new books for kindle?
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    I understand the need/desire to branch out... and it looks like you've got some disposable income each and every month <--- a good place to be.

    To start a new business or income stream and be active in it, investing your cash... I would definitely look into learning paid traffic as someone pointed out. Because the fact is, when you learn paid traffic, you can direct that traffic anywhere... you're in control of an asset, skill, whatever you want to call it, that's in demand.

    And if you've got a couple grand a month to start, I'd recommend FB. Don't just put in all your available cash right away, do it slowly, learn the platform as if you've only got $50 or $100.
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    What an interesting and great place to be. I intend to be there in say about 6 months,or less. If I had that kind of disposable income with the program that I'm in, I would be there very soon, say in two months maximum. I found that what works for me is to have a solid coach, all the training I need for what is required, a successful sales funnel, and a partnership program with the coach. My second project involves affiliate marketing but there is so much to learn. I have software, strategy, resources, excellent trainer with a proven system but it's taking everything I've learned in 2+ years to implement it. But once complete, it's rinse and repeat. Wishing you the best.
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    With that type of money you surely want to be spending money with coaches and mentors. I am not talking about video programs either. There are some very reasonable hourly rates depending on what you want to learn.

    Youtube and offline ranking, CPA, WSO's, product creation. Most people try and give you the pitch at the end. You are looking for the person who won't. If your mind is completely blown you will just want to set up another session.

    Before that I would start on just buying some products and learning. Do some easy applying and get familiar with the biz and terms as fast as you can. That way when you do pay for hourly sessions you should always come out profiting.

    A lot of people come in desperate and in a rush so they chase everything. You are in a great spot that you can learn sales, business and marketing. Do it
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    I greatly appreciate all the suggestions everyone. I am leaning towards starting my own list from my own product. I have some pretty solid SEO knowledge. The other direction I am researching is CPA!
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    Try paid marketing you can earn enough money.
    Prospring launch offering a 100 Million in Prizes and stacks of benefits each week.

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    Since you are alredy in Kindle publishing, you should be blogging , it's a natural extension of your current skill..
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