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First post....

I've been a full time webmaster for over 10 years now and make a fairly good living. However, it ain't going up and I'm running out of ideas.

Originally I made most of my money from affiliate marketing but now I'm about 90% Adsense with about half coming from one site - which kind of worries me.
My basic model is build quality content / photo rich websites and relying on purely organic traffic (I get around 500k visitors per month) but this takes a lot of time and I think the ROI is diminishing.

Technically I'm pretty good - PHP, Drupal, WP, frontend etc. Also pretty competent with SEO.

What I'm struggling with is finding a new model that I can give a go.
Any suggestions that would fit my skills and background would be really appreciated. Just give me a point and I'll do the research.

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    I found myself in a similar position about 5 years ago, then I packaged and sold my knowledge.

    I had been doing web development and SEO since the 90's so I recorded myself going through various SEO processes step by step in Powerpoint and sold it as a digital product. That was a game changer for me.

    Now I don't bother doing the web development or SEO stuff for other people anymore.
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      Think what you could do with 500K visitors coming to your site looking for products that you created and sold.

      I've personally never liked the Adsense revenue model - it relies on the owner driving massive traffic to a site and then the visitors clicking away on an advertisement in order for you to get a very small commission. That just doesn't see the most efficient use of your hard-earned traffic.

      IMO, you should create your own product(s) on your own web site and then apply your traffic-getting/seo skills to create a large subscriber base in your chosen niche. Do it right and you're off to the races . . .


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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        Absolutely 100% agree with previous comments.

        1. Create and sell your own products (based on the skills/knowledge/expertise/experience you have), preferably also something you enjoy and are enthusiastic and passionate about

        2. Build your list from existing traffic to your site and offer them suitable quality products that might help them in some way.

        Good luck with it.
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    I would create a product. Quick little ebook product that can bring you sales forever. Or go into business as a consultant and help & charge other techie webmasters how to have success with their sites.

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    It's great that you haven't becoming complacent with your income sources, and see the real danger in relying on the big G.

    Have you looked at different ways you could monetize your sites? And integrating new, more secure traffic methods?

    Personally, I'd focus on the sites you do have, rather then trying something totally new. With a bit of tweaking and persistence, I'm sure you'll find a way to boost your sites earnings and make things a bit more safe for the long term.

    Good luck
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    Firstly thanks for the replies.

    I sort of struggle with the 'create a product' thing as it is pretty different to what I am doing at the moment. I had thought of an eBook - photographic guides (most of my sites are travel related). Do you think that idea has legs?!

    Regarding the consultancy side of things / selling knowledge - it seems a fairly crowded market and I don't feel I have much new to add to it.
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    Wow you have that much skills why not using them? You could coach people and help them to do their SEO or how they can build a site. You could also do a video series out of it and sell it on your site which would bring in big bucks.

    Also with that much traffic you can sell ad space on your site and one thing I would highly consider is building an email list. This way you have an audience where you can sell your products to as well.
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