Is this a Solo Ad Scam?

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Hey Warriors!

I need your help... A few days ago I bought a 500 clicks solo ad from a vendor I won't mention here (a first time buy for me with this vendor). The vendor was very responsive and was replying to all the emails prior to the transaction.

On the day that the solo went out I got 99 clicks (401 missing) and around 45-50 opt-ins (which is a normal opt-in percentage for my squeeze page).

The first thing that was a bit weird was that ALL of the opt-in were from New York, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta and a couple more cities... I'm buying many solo ads recently and I know that this Never Happens!

Is this vendor sending me some kind of bot traffic that opt-ins on my page?

The other thing is that I've send the vendor a couple of emails asking about this weird pattern and the rest of the clicks and there's no response until now...

The vendor has a payment gateway set up with and I paid with PayPal- if the rest of the clicks won't be delivered should I file a report in the Resolution Centre with PayPal?

Thanks for your help!

#scam #solo

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