My unique visitors convert 0.5% .. Whats next ?

by meowis
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Hello everyone. Hope you pros can advice me on how to leverage on this...

-One of my abandoned projects are recently getting about 200-400 Unique visitors every month.

-I've invested about $200 on this project last year for on&off page SEO and web hosting. THATS IT.

-Each Sale gives me $200usd. I had the following sales so far:
--1 in April
--2 in May
--1 so far this month of June

-Here is my monthly traffic:

-Safe to say my conversion for (LOCAL) unique visitors is 0.5%.

From the aforementioned information, how would one go about increasing the local UVs, so as to leverage on my potential earnings. Im looking for a way that i can use money to invest in order to get a favourable return.

Open to all and thank you to all...
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    How about paying someone to optimize your website if you don't have time to do it personally?

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    You can always scale it up and expand. 200 uniques per month on average is a good start but it's nothing compared to the possibilities of tens of thousands of uniques per month. Scale it up and start earning a boatload of money! There are tons of inexpensive paid ways you can do this and there are thousands of threads on this forum. Just use the search function and you will be Golden.
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    If you've done your seo then you can ping your site: Ping My Url - FREE Website Submission Service - Add URL and that should give you a traffic boost.
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    Nice that you have the numbers.

    So 1 sale makes 200$, 0.5% of visitors buy.

    Or, each visitor is worth .5% of 200$ or (200$/100)*0.5 = 1$

    This is where paid traffic comes in.

    As long as you pay less than 1$/visitor, you are fine, if that conversion rate holds.
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      Originally Posted by blindapeseo View Post

      Nice that you have the numbers.

      So 1 sale makes 200$, 0.5% of visitors buy.

      Or, each visitor is worth .5% of 200$ or (200$/100)*0.5 = 1$

      This is where paid traffic comes in.

      As long as you pay less than 1$/visitor, you are fine, if that conversion rate holds.
      Yes, this is the kind of calculations i like to see. So we have determined that i have to pay below $1/visitor for a profit.

      In this case, i would like to budget $0.40-$0.50 per Unique Visitor for a good ROI.

      What do you suggest for the same "targetted" traffic quality as my natural google traffic ? Should i go with Youtube ? Facebook ? Adwords ? , I have search for bulk traffic orders that forumers are selling here, however they are cheap and of lower "targeted" quality.

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    Capture your traffic, Offer a free gift and build a list.

    Follow up with them...

    More traffic sometimes can mean less money. Convert more of what you have first before investing into more traffic.
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    Work on increasing your conversions before you put too much work on getting more traffic.

    Ideally you'd funnel your visitors onto a list so you can connect with them, built trust and a relationship, inform them of updates and promote to them over and over again.

    As for which traffic source to choose well it depends on where your target audience are online. Figure out where they are and go there.
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    Yes, definitely what Stuart said. If I was in your shoes I'd be spending a bunch of time in the copywriting forum learning how to increase conversions. You should be testing different versions of your sales page. Even the smallest changes can make big differences and for a $200 sale, doubling your conversion rate is an extra $200-$400 a month before getting more traffic

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    Are you doing split testing? You can set it up with Google Analytics (free) or Visual Website Optimizer (paid) if you want to test out different offers/freebies to your list and see how they respond.

    But nonetheless, you should definitely be building a list. Fill them in on exciting news in your findings, research, even entertainment. Make them feel like they know you personally (because in a way, they already do!)
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