What would you do with these domains

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Just have no clue what to do with um.... looking for suggestions. Thanks

almoststealing.com and offroadinvasion.net
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    Did you have a plan for them when you bought them? I stopped buying domains that I didn't have a plan for a long time ago. Neither looks very interesting to me. Don't know if someone would want to buy them.
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      Bought them years ago..in the past 12 years or so almoststealings been a freebie site, a frugal living site, and a few other things now it just sits unused. It was my first domain so I kinda just hold on to it lol
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    1st one: coupon site

    2nd one : ecommerce site / product review site

    keep moving forward

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    Neither is good enough to keep renewing.

    If you no longer have passion for developing them, I would try to find a buyer before they expire, and if you can't then let them go.

    It stings a bit with the emotional attachment, but honestly they are just dead weight.
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    I don't see any value in the domains themselves and I think coming up with a website to fit a domain is the wrong way to do things. Ditch these, work on ideas for a new project then get a domain to suit that project.

    Good luck with everything
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    Hi, if you don't want to keep these domain just sell those through auction marketplace and earn some quick cash.Thanks :-)
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    almoststealing.com - Can't really think of anything great. Could use it as a "brand" type thing for internet marketing where "making money online is almost like stealing". Poor I know but about all I can come up with.

    offroadinvasion.net - Information about off road activities, cool places to go off roading, sell books related to it, apparel, products etc. Go on amazon and search for "off road" for ideas.
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