$5 fiverr Traffic? What do you think?

by addlet
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Not sure if anyone saw Internet Marketer Brett McFall's post on his blog the other day. you can see it here:

Anyway he is suggesting that you can get a flood of traffic by giving away gigs that you buy for 5 bucks on Fiverr.

By giving away stuff that is SOOOOOOOO valuable your customers/prospects will be so taken with the outrageous value that they will tell everyone aka it will go viral.

For example, he suggested that you give away free logo design on your site, by getting the design done on Fiverr. It is only going to cost $5.

My experience with $5 logos on Fiverr is well, you get what you pay for.

I don't know. Personally, I have my doubts.

He then goes on to expand the idea to local offline businesses such as plumbers. Have a service that is cheap to do and you give it away for free. He is suggesting you would employ an apprentice to do it full time. I would imagine it would be something like say changing a washer on a faucet (tap).

Once again I'm not too sure about that, plumbing is a reactionary service in other words, generally you need it in an emergency.

I suppose it could work. But what does an apprentice plumber cost a week?

Plus you would have wear and tear on the vehicle, fuel, increased possibility of a car accident...(cause he is on the road more) plus you have the risk of a stuff up somewhere somehow whilst he is changing the washer etc etc etc.

If I were a plumber I would be inclined to go online and try and find something from China that I could get branded with my name/logo and phone number say like one of those outside basket things that sit on around your garden tap to keep all the bits and pieces in like the variable water spray gun.

I don't know, but I am sure if a plumber spent some time searching around online he could find something of value that he could get branded.

I am sure you could probably buy heaps for a hundred bucks or so.

It would have the same effect of impressing your customer and it would be something that they can use more than once and it would keep your name in front of them.

Am I being too negative? Or is Brett McFall actually on to something?

Check out the video post on his blog and tell me what you think.

BTW this NOT any affiliate thing or anything like that it is just something that I saw and I wondered if anyone else shared my point of view.

Maybe it is a good idea,

Maybe, like anything in marketing it is something that has to be tested.

Anyway would really love to hear what others think.
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    Free stuff, loss leaders have been a staple of marketing strategies for a long, long time and they do work as long as you monitor them and can see a good ROI.

    The fiverr idea is a good one. I've never thought of using it for things like logos. But the reality it's just a form of outsourcing for get something free to give away. We do it all the time with our free ebooks for our opt-ins etc.

    When Ryan Deiss was promoting his Authority ROI stuff he talked about how they used a "free" product on one of their sites to generate a butt load of opt-ins.When you get to a certain level, spending a $1-$2 or so per lead can be very profitable in the long run.
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    thanks for your reply to the post.
    yes I can see the value in loss leaders in so far as a give away to get optins Not sure if you saw his post but I think he was saying that if you give great free stuff away in the way of Fiverr gigs,it will cause viral traffic. I find that strategy hard to swallow. But like i said I guess you would have to test it.
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    It is part of marketing. Companies are using this for long time. But make it fit to your strategy. Let's take your plumbing example, you need to have a main service where you make your profits. For example if you are doing all the work in a bath you take 2000$. Then you can think of offering small services for free. You have to put down all the costs of this, and how to be able to provide your work without upsetting your customers ( if you can't honor free services then they will consider you a scam ). If the costs of the "free" service is 200$, then you have to get those money from your main service. If you can take 1 paying customers from every 3 prospects you do free work to, then you invest 600$ to make 2000$, or more. You have to track everything and see if it is worth.

    In Internet marketing, things are easier because you can give something for free without generating a cost for every copy you give away. But don't assume that if you give something free you will get a lot of prospects without investing in advertising. People need to hear about you so you will still have to pay for advertisement, or invest a lot of work in seo to bring traffic to your free landing page. With all the free things that can be found on the internet, you have to provide something really useful, something that can't be found so easily on the internet for free. Then you have to know what is your main product, if you put a lot of money and effort into building a list that you have no idea what will you sell then you may not be able to get your money back.

    If you go on the fiver road, then you will have 5$ starting costs for every prospect, plus 1-2$ for advertising costs required to get that prospect. If 1 of any 5 prospects convert then you need at least 35$ profit on your main product to go break even. If you make a list you can send more emails to them and you need to make 35$ for every prospect in your list. Most people can do this with a good list, because you can send to them again and again. If you can't get 1 of 5 prospects to buy, and you can only get 1 of 10 prospects to buy something from you, then you need 70$ profit for every sale.

    Things can go messy here. You might end up with a list of freebie seekers. You also need tested landing pages for your final offer. Also you free landing page should be "conversion friendly".

    The free offer should be there to help you to get more prospects. For example if you usually need 10$ to get a new prospect, and by giving something valuable for free you reduce your fixed cost to 5$ and advertising costs to 2$ then you save 3$ from your marketing efforts.

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    Fiverr is just so shitty. Not worth the time for such a small pay.
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    i just tried it....you will get optins (very little) but no sales what so ever....sorry to say: one thing in this world..............you get what you pay for.
    that leads me to where anything that is offered free..i do not click on
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    I try several time with fiverr traffic... but no any conversion
    I think all bot traffic
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    tristatemedia, egoldzone, have you even read any post in this thread ?

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    My personal experience with fiverr traffic is not very good. It hardly converts. Maybe I missed some good gigs but you spend a lot of money before finding the best ones.

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      you mean using it to create a free offer giveaway? I think what Brett McFall was referring to, was using it to create a viral effect, which I think is a bit dubious. As far as using Fiverr for other stuff I think it is great though for logos I have found you get what you pay for, and if you think you are going to get a great logo or dare I say usable logo for $5 I think you would have to be realistic in what you will get
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    This will work, but only for small businesses who are already on the fence with you.

    A fiverr gig like a whiteboard video uploaded to youtube, or a website edit (offered for free) may be just enough to get them to purchase your monthly SEO service when they were thinking of purchasing ANYWAY.

    I certainly wouldn't advertise 'Free logo design' or '1M twitter followers' as a valuable part of my service...because those gigs are simply not that valuable.
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    Personally I've used fiverr for few other things but never to buy traffic. The right traffic is out there, you just have to find it, of course -this is definitely not easy.
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    I don't know but Fiverr with Traffic doesn't really go together! At the end of the day you need to understand that the amount of traffic is useless. You need to focus on the quality of traffic. That's why so many people will prefer to pay a lot more for a lot fewer traffic.
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    I agree with post #2... Giving aways stuff for free is what we always do in order to get either optins or some visitors back (or to get viral). And about the logos, if you dig deeper in fiverr you can actually find superb designers who can provide you with something for $5.

    About the plumber and the tap, I'm not sure if I get you there. However, there are 2 kinds of people: there's the businessman and the worker. There's that plumber who knows how to scale his business and rebrand taps from China. There's also that plumber who loves to do his job, even for free. Just an analogy though.

    Giving away something for free on your site, either an item or a service does increase traffic depending on several factors, i.e., the value of what you're giving away and the niche you're promoting.

    If your give away is really that helpful and people respond to it, then the traffic's worth it. It all narrows down to ROI-- if they want it, they most likely want every thing that's on your site related to your give away.

    I think the plumber thing was just an example though. I quite agree with you that hiring a plumber dirt cheap is not much of a convenient idea.
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    Fiverr is the best place specially for newbies to take a start. If you are really hard worker then you may earn 1000 to 2000 USD within a month via Fiverr.
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    If you try good gig then you can get good results
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    I can see the logic in offering something free to a high end customer. But, when it comes to using a Fiverr service as your freebie, I would use caution. Always be sure you know the quality of the seller you are working with and only work with someone who has a proven track record (such as has performed the service for you before). If you follow some common sense procedures, then this idea might actually work and be a super cheap way of rewarding a high end customer.
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