Easysketchpro verses Videomakerfx - How do they compare?

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Is anyone familiar enough with the two "white-board" video programs that recently hatched called Easysketchpro and Videomakerfx. If so, I'd like to see a feature-by-feature comparison between the two please.

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    Really? If you go and take a look at their videos you can see what the differences are right away.

    They have the features on their websites so why not fly over there and take a look for yourself instead. They also have videos on the main features of each and a demo of each of these programs as well, so not sure what you're looking for other than you want someone else to do the leg work for you.

    I did my due diligence, comparisons and watched each video demo and at the end of the day I settled on the one that meets my needs for what I'm trying to accomplish.

    At the end of the day it's all about what YOUR needs are and what you will be doing with the software, which I have no clue on.

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      You're right. For some reason I thought they were both for doing whiteboard style videos but I see now they are radically different.

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    I purchased easy sketch pro 2 days a go and have just asked for a refund. I think you know now what i think of it

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      Originally Posted by RealTraff View Post

      I purchased easy sketch pro 2 days a go and have just asked for a refund. I think you know now what i think of it
      Why did you get a refund? I have yet to construct any videos but purchased a few days ago as well.

      What's the problem? Are you having difficulties putting together a video or is there something wrong with the software.
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        Yeah, what was wrong with EasySketch Pro?

        I purchased VideoMakerFX when it first came out a month ago and played around with it a little and it was clunky as hell but I figured I'd put it aside since that was version 1 and let them fix it and I really didn't need it just yet anyway. But now I do need to use it.

        Today I updated to the latest version thinking that since a month has passed that should have given them enough time to work out the bugs. Nope. This program is NOT ready for prime time. I can only assume that all these glowing reviews were by people that were given free beta versions to mess around with although I still can't believe they said the thing worked for them. Anyway, 7 attempts to export a test video with only 4 slides, yes ONLY 4 slides, and it gets stuck on the encoding process which requires me to cancel exporting and start over. I have even tried renaming the file and that worked once but it still get stuck on encoding. Also, one of the "hand-written" whiteboard style slides is leaving out about half the text that I typed in it even though I keep making the font smaller and its previews fine within the program.

        Anywho, VideoMakerFX will be very cool when they get it working, but its not ready yet.

        UPDATE: It was still stuck encoding so I canceled it again and closed the program and restarted it in the hopes that I could try export that little 4 slide video file but its stuck on encoding again. I changed the name of the file again for the fourth time to see if that made a difference and it did finish exporting, but when I played the video it was still cutting off half the text on one of the slides! Aaargh! So I went in and deleted that slide and made a new one and renamed the file again but now its stuck on encoding. This is F-ing ridiculous.

        Its not a cpu or ram issue either because I'm only using about half my cpu and same with my ram.
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    This thread belongs in the review section of the forum.
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