Do you know how to download this?

by pede
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Hi Warriors...

Can you please tell me how to download a wma file where the url starts with mms://

When I click on "Save As", Windows opens the "Open With Windows Media Player" option and there are no other options.

Thank you,

PS - It is a company training audio. I am allowed to have this.
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    Search your computer and it was there because you already opened it. It is usually located in a temporary folder.

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    Thank you Ross...

    I'll clean my cache and see what happens.

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    No... that did not do it.

    I even tried to download wma's that I have not listened to yet.

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    Save the file to your desktop. Right click the file. In the window that opens you should see a "open with" option. Choose program from your available media players. If the "open with" option is not present then click properties at the bottom off the list presented. Here you can choose a media player to play your file.

    Here are two really good media players that have played everything I've thrown at them. Do a Google search to find them. Hope this helps. PM me with any questions.
    1. GOM
    2. Classic Media Player
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    Hi dlwebb610...

    Thank you for your reply but I think you are missing the problem. I CAN NOT download the file.

    All I get as stated above is the "Open with Windows Media Player" option.

    Thank you again,
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      OK guys... would someone please help me figure this out?

      I really need this done.

      I have tried audio downloaders, Firefox add-ons and just can't get the dam. files to download.

      The url looks like this:

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        Can you please tell me how to download a wma file where the url starts with mms://

        When I click on "Save As", Windows opens the "Open With Windows Media Player" option and there are no other options.
        I am not a techy, but here is my take on your issue.

        A wma file is a Windows Media Audio file (which you probably already know). This is probably why it is defaulting to the Windows Media Player.

        Sometimes you have to have some code known as codec installed on your desktop to get a media files to perform properly.

        I have downloaded codec and it enabled applications to work for me that did not before.

        I would suggest a Google search on codec and see what you can find, or try the Windows help site.

        If you have already tried codec, then I am sorry for wasting your time.

        Best of luck with your endevour,

        Jeff Henshaw.
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          You guys a very kind to reply but... wow...

          I'll try to figure out a more simple way to say this.

          I CAN NOT DOWNLOAD THE FILE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Playing it has NOTHING to do with my issue !!!!!!!

          Thanks for trying anyway. I'll go to a webmaster forum

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    You could try the old standby and do a restart on your computer. That fixes most problems
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    Man-o-man... I give up. I can not explain this issue any clearer.

    Moderator... please delete this post.
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    Being as this is a company file, have them tell you how to deal with it. I googled your problem but was unable to find a solution. Sorry
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      put the link in a html file on your desktop
      right click > new > text > save as > yourwma.html

      <a href="mms://">click me</a>

      save the page, open and right click save as.

      IF this doesn't work, you may have to stream it and capture as it streams:
      try one of these:
      record streaming wma. Download Free Software. Search shareware and freeware downloads.

      Typically, if setup properly, you cannot simply download a wma, it's a streamed data connection. If it goes faster than the streamed rate or if it doesn't have proper headers and responses from the server, it will drop the connection. So... you may simply have to stream the entire thing and record it on the fly using the software above.

      Ryan gave you a method to manually do this, by looking in your temp folders and find the actual data. However wma's are different and sometimes they are encapsulated, so getting intact data will be difficult.

      Your simplest solution is simply to record it as it downloads with a program designed to do such a thing.
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        Why don't you play the video with your Camtasia video capturer running behind?

        It's very simple.Just run Camtasia and focus on a specific area where you want the software to capture.It will capture the video

        A very simple technique indeed!!

        If you can't afford Camtasia use:

        2)Jing Screen Capture software

        Just do a Google search and you'll get it for FREE
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    As far as I know, you can't download MMS files. They have to be streamed.
    They are not saved in browser's cache.

    Solution: Record the media using video capture software, Camtasia Studio for example.


    I just found a software that seems to solve your problem.

    Not sure though, because I haven't tried it.

    SDP: The SDP Multimedia website for ASF download and MMS protocol specification

    "The current free version of SDP can download the following protocols, remember this is for Windows Media Streaming only.
    HTTP v1.0 streaming protocol - sometimes referred to as MMSH.
    HTTP progressive (simple http download)
    MMS, MMST and MMSU over both TCP and UDP transport protocols.
    Preview the stream while downloading - using your favorite existing media player.
    Download Live and Pre recorded videos and music straight to your hard drive. Like a video recorder.
    Note that the free version of SDP will still be maintained as best as possible - updates should still appear.
    Types of URL to look for usually start with "MMS://, MMST://, or HTTP://" and end with something like ".asf, .wmv or .wma" etc..

    Hope that helps.


    Saya Mau Makan Angin - I Want To eat The Wind (Why not?)

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