Members not being active on my site!

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Hello! I recently started a free membership site but the problem is.. people join but don't do anything after they join. They don't click any links, they don't participate in the forums. Or download any content.They just register and don't do anything after. The site is fairly new and has about 40 members on the site. I update the blog and add new content on the site but it doesn't help..

please help
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    They maybe consuming your content via email newsletters when you post.
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    If it is a forum, then those are spam users/bots. Reach out to more broader audience and you will get, what you want.
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    Be careful. I learned this the hard way. There are spammers and spam bots that will join your site. It seems legit but that is one of the signs, they do nothing but try to spam your site with spam comments selling adult stuff and Viagra and all kinds of crap..

    One of the tell tale signs is there is no interaction on the site just sign ups. They will start out small at first a couple every day or even every few days and as your subscribers grow they star growing faster and faster. They don't respond to emails as a matter of fact I bet if you want to test just send an email offer to them and I bet the majority will bounce.

    If you are using WordPress there are a lot of free plugins to prevent this. If this turns out to be the case PM me and I will give you the run down on what to do.
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    . The site has a forum but no interaction. I can try to download a spam protection for it.
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    You most definitely want to do that. Check the moderation queue, I bet it is riddled with spam. Also not to discourage you but forums or any community is tough to get going. It's kind of like creating a dating site or any community site. Nobody wants to join if nobody else has. So getting it seeded with legitimate users is tough. I suggest starting a bit of controversy on it. Stir the pot a little. That can motivate people to participate.

    Take a cue from this forum. Want to get a lively conversation going? Make an outrageous statement in a post or thread and watch people come out of the woodwork to give their opinion.or to tell you off Just be careful you don't want to piss them off. Maybe say something in the third person like, this blockhead told me thus and so and I told him this and that. What would have said or done? Then let the party get started from there It works.
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    I think you used freelancer to join these 40 user. they tried to join only. You need only the real user, you do not need to spam user. I hope you will be careful about it.
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    what is freelancer?
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    I downloaded spam master and it says non of the registered users are spam.. so what could be the problem now?
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      You may just want to get your member levels up then see what happens. Unfortunately 95% of people are do nothings and even if good content is delivered to them on a silver platter to them in bed, they still won't take any action. Also, I'm not sure of what type of content you're posting...but you can try to post stuff that engages your subscribers.

      Ask them questions about what problems they are having, or what would help them the most, and things along those lines. Hope this helps
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      I don't know how Spam Master can tell if the email addresses and accounts are legit but so be it.

      As far as getting activity on the forum read my prior post. Controversy works. Try it.

      Best of luck

      Originally Posted by Artkurai View Post

      I downloaded spam master and it says non of the registered users are spam.. so what could be the problem now?
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    WP have lots of spam bot signing up as members too.

    These is not uncommon, if they are real humans you would have seen movement.
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    The best way to prevent your website from bots is using captcha. If you use captcha, you most probably solve the unwanted users/members/bots.

    If you have good quality content, they should download / enter / search at least click a few links and browse your websites. How do you check your visitors, via Google Analytics?

    Learn How to Create A membership Website

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    It is real hard to get a forum going. Post some questions that will fire the visitors up. Use Captcha.
    Can you see a link to the forum easily on home page?
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