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Hey guys,

I have a product / service that I'd like to advertise on small - medium size freebie / deals sites - Alexa rank of 200,000 or higher.

If anyone could put me in touch with some site owners in this niche that would be awesome. I've reached out to quite a few through the contact forms on there sites and not had much getting responses.

Thanks again,

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    The best thing you can do is go to Google search and find freebie sites and forums/blogs that are in your niche and then hit the contact button on those sites. You would need to appeal directly to the site owner about publishing your freebie/link. Maybe even offer some type of incentive for listing your product on their site.
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      What kind of service or product are looking to offer on one of these sites?

      Many will not list a subscription type of product or service.

      Then also many of these sites (freebies mostly) will not accept listings that are self promotion and only from their members "sharing a find", unless you do the paid advertising route.

      There are many reasons for this. If you look through the forum here you will find other discussions about this very topic listing the reasons why.

      I remember one talking about a hosting company that tried to get onto Groupon, but being a subscription service it was a no go.

      Give it a search through WF and you will find it.
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    I agree with Jeffery about the Google search. Some bigger sites may have an "About" page too listing contact information for specific people or areas of responsibility. There may also be "advertise with us" type links that you can click on to contact people as well.
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    Few allow to use them to promote your services. And after that guess what, many others do it already!
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