Article writing idea, has anyone tried this?

by rafsco
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I was thinking about Dragon Naturally Speaking. I noticed that now you can upload an audiofile and the software should be able to extract the text. I was thinking about downloading the audiotrack of good youtube videos, extract the text and then maybe spin it.
Is there anyone that has Dragon and could give this a try?
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    If you do that, you're basically stealing someone else's content. Even if you don't have a problem stealing content, using Dragon to transcribe someone else's voice is not likely to have great accuracy and the results wouldn't be very good.

    For the record, I think it's wrong and I would be pissed if someone was transcribing my videos and passing them off as there own articles.

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    Dragon is actually designed to work specifically with one person. You can create profiles of course, but each person needs to read a specific text to set up the profile.

    Therefore, you will definitely run into problems if your audio recording is spoken by someone other than the person who created the Dragon profile.

    As the person above said, transcribing recorded media and trying to pass it off as your own is copyright infringement. Don't do it.
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    Originally Posted by rafsco View Post

    I was thinking about downloading the audiotrack of good youtube videos, extract the text and then maybe spin it.
    That would be producing "derivative work" contrary to the laws of copyright.

    Try it with things you've written yourself, or those whose copyright you've acquired, but not starting from anyone else's words!

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    Do you want to write on a blog or do you want to steal someone's ideas and make them your own? Because the second one is ilegal!
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    You asked if anyone had ever tried this. And, probably so, as there are very few new ideas online that people have not already tried at least 100 times. And, as for whether it would work or not, as pointed out before, there would be technical difficulties. And, if you are bringing this up, you probably don't have moral issues against taking someone else's work, so everyone who's pointing out how it's blackhat and illegal is not really going to matter to you. But, think of this, if Google catches on to what you're doing, then whatever site you have this content on could take a slide out of Google search. And, assuming it actually ever ranked at all, then any money/time you put into that site would be gone.

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