If you could write PLR ebooks and articles....

by jex1
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What would you do with it/them?

I am thinking of putting the books I publish for Amazon on the backburner completely and starting to sell them as PLR but being totally new to the concept of PLR (I have been doing IM' since 2005 and always used unique content) I have no idea where to sell them or how it all works?

It seems I missed the boat with selling PLR on Amazon too.

The point is I am in the position that instead of buying PLR and then selling it to people I can actually CREATE PLR that has never been written before.

Any ideas?

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    yeah of course..selling PLR on amazon is totally messesd up ...One of the best site for selling PLR ebook is tradebit.com >>>it's trademark for selling PLR stuff go and listed there
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    If you can find a way for the PLR content not to appear as duplicate content in search engines, that would be best. On the other hand, it's all about how you present your products in your lists. I've seen some pretty awesome membership sites and some bad ones. Just look at the models of sites you've used in the past as a guide.

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