Cheapest Per Month Hosting for multiple domains?

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What hosting companies have the cheapest rates per month and are fairly decent in terms of service and customer service.
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    The price differences between the different well-known hosting companies tend mostly to be so small that "price" really isn't much of a way to try to distinguish between them.

    Parameters like quality, customer-service, how long they've been established for (for me, that's hugely important), and maybe avoiding GoDaddy, 1and1 and any hosting companies owned by the EIG group might perhaps be better ways to judge?
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    Alexa is absolutely spot on. EIG now own hostgator as you probably already know, and although they used to be the "go to host" these days sites hosted with them seem to run very slowly.
    One that I have heard good things about is crocweb. Check them out on google.
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    I wouldn't let a small price change determine which hosting company you'll choose. Instead check for recent reviews from paying customers and make an evaluation which one you will choose.

    You don't want to make the mistake of choosing a bad hosting company for your site, as you'll be have to deal with it every single day.
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      Don't compromise on quality for $2 or $3 , you may lose precious traffic and time.
      I've used more than 2 dozen companies, Crocweb is one of them (I second SteveFinch's opinion).
      They had a long downtime a few months ago, but any company can get a large DDOS attack.
      I have 15+ years of experience & millions of visitors (I'm also a warrior since 2002)! explains how I can help.
      I'm looking for a limited number of serious partners.
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    I came up with a short list of shared hosting providers that seem reasonable and don't get many bad reviews:
    Frog Host - Web Hosting
    Site5 Web Hosting

    I moved several of my sites to Glowhost, because they seemed to be the best deal for me. They handled the relocation of more than 25 sites without a glitch, no downtime.

    Hostgator, Hostmonster, Bluehost, Ipage, JustHost and FatCow are all heavily promoted hosts that are owned by EIG and most are hosted in the same datacenter owned by EIG and are quickly gaining a reputation for bad customer service and lousy performance.
    See a complete list of EIG sites [to stay away from]here:
    Endurance International Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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      I use Host9. Their pricing and package options are great, 99% uptime and 45 day guarantee. But the best part for me is the 24/7 live online support....and it's free. Yup, a real person (who knows their stuff) will hold your hand whenever you may need it. It's worth checking out the site if for no other reason than to pick their brains! I was so impressed I became an affiliate, yes there is a link below...forgive me, but it's worth it to share this awesome site!

      Please read the forum rules.

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      Originally Posted by joecason View Post

      Fatcow is the cheapest and the best. It is $1 per month, and then $50 a year. The reason I like Fatcow is because the support is amazing. Having good support should be a big part of choosing a webhost. I have only good things to say about them, unlike hostgator. (that is another story for another day.)
      This is ridiculous. If you care about your site's performance, Fatcow is most certainly not anywhere near the best. Cheapest? sure. Best? nope.


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    My suggestion is spend more, I have had really bad experiences with cheap host companies, sometimes they are very slow, some other times your pages disappear for days, and in some scary scenarios they simply disappear for ever.

    Free course about free from Youtube Twitter or Email at

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    Bluehost for multiple domains and easy to use CPanel and installs. No, it's not really "unlimited" but it's not a bad value for getting blogs and sales pages online. For more advanced projects you may not want shared hosting at all.
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    Go to CrocWeb and check it out. For reseller hosting (Just use it all yourself like I do) you can select the middle of the road plan and you get 40 GB Pure SSD Storage and 400 GB Premium Bandwidth.

    I manage all my domains using the WHM panel to create new accounts. It's very easy to use and it's less than $20 a month.

    Check them out...
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