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Can the warriors please help me here?
Which is the easiest free WP membership plugin to set up, and
do any of them incorporate their own email sending service?
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    Hi I found this post here which I think will be helpful for you:

    You will certainly find something useful there. I wouldn't gave you a name because these types of plugins depends pretty much on what type of site do you have and what do you want them to do in that site.

    My best regards,
    rares Michael
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    I vote for S2Member, it's the best free membership plugin I've used. Instamember is not a free plugin and I have heard that it is buggy.
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    For me, the plugin simply called Membership by WPMU is the best one out there

    It has some free features and you can also upgrade to premium if you need to.

    You know what, I won't try to lead you in with fake promises and false advertising. So let me just be honest. If you're looking for some online business advice for normal people (with no hype and constant product pushing) then hop over to

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      I've only used one so I can't comment on which is the easiest/best as I've only used DigitalAccessPass (DAP). It's not easy to set up but it does come with great documentation and it works very well. It also integrates with pretty much every shopping popular shopping cart and affiliate network. It also has it's own built in autoresponder for sending emails.
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    There are so many threads on this, do a search and you'll be inundated with suggestions.

    I like aMember Pro. But there are a lot, and they all have their fans.
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    Thanks warriors for your suggestions, I'm working through them.
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