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hi all,

i'm not really familair with copyright and privacy policy laws so i was wondering if i was to launch an online digital product like an ebook are there any tools i can use to genrate privacy policies and copyright statements that would give me some level of protection?

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    Statement is not enough. If you need to copyright protect your work, you need to register it.
    here is a guide on how to do it:
    Here is an overview on how to protect your material.

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    You can copright your products as mentioned above, but they will be shared anyway not much you can do about that...

    Just make sure your download pages are protected and that's about all i do personally as all the rest is an exercise in futility...
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      thanks, i know i cant do anything to stop plagiarism/piracy but i just wanted to make sure i'm covered in case it ever comes to it.
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    There are tools available to generate privacy policies, EU cookie policies or any other ones (in case you are an affiliate for amazon or clickbank etc).

    wplegalpages automatically generates policy pages for WordPress websites, you can also import or create more templates for auto creation of policies.

    Check out this article for more details - WPEka *|* WPEka | Why Your Site Need WPLegalPages' Privacy Policy Page Templates
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      Your original written work is automatically copyrighted and there is no need to register a work or, indeed, to display a copyright notice at all.

      However, to deter people from copying and pasting all your content, it is wise to place a copyright notice somewhere. With an ebook copyright notices are usually at the front after the title page.

      A copyright notice doesn't need to be anything more than

      "Copyright © 2014(or whatever year) Name of copyright holder (person or website/company)".

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