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I'm pretty confused about how all this social bookmarking business works..
I mean, I do know how to get meself bookmarked by others n` all but I
have some questions;

-Can anyone plz tell me how many bookmarks/period-of-time is ok before
google(or the bookmarking site itself) start to think of my bookmarked site
as spam?

-I'd also wanna know how many bookmarks is enough?
I mean.. will having 100 bookmarks is better than 20? does it has any effect
from google's point of view? In short; should I stop getting bookmarks for
my site after it reaches a certain number, if yes wut's the number?

-I also heard(or think that I heard) somewhere people say that I need
to re-bookmark my site after I update it? is it true? and by "update" what do
they mean?(if it's true offcourse)

-And I also am very confused about keywords from social bookmarking...
Lets say I wanna rank for a certain keyword, so when I insert it into the
tags part of page does it tag the social bookmarking site only or google also
looks there and gives my site an athority for the tagged keyword? or is it
done somehow differently?

Aww, and what is the optimal number or keywords that I should insert there?
or should I just insert the main keyword of the site/(page?) there so it'll
give it most authority?

-And for last I wanna know if I need to bookmark every page in my site
that I wanna get ranked in google or just bookmark my homepage?

plz halp!

tony xD
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    please some1 answer...

    ~Good Brother~

    Advertising is 85% confusion and 15% commission.. ROFL! xD

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      bump.. :/

      ~Good Brother~

      Advertising is 85% confusion and 15% commission.. ROFL! xD

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    Social Bookmarking is a long and tedious process but if you do it effectively it can give you some very quality back links.

    Doing it effectively -

    Don't bookmark your page 50 times in one day - bookmark your page 5 times today then wait 2-4 days then bookmark it another 5 times... Google likes consistancey.

    If you come across a bookmarking site that allows you to put in tags. Put in about 5 keywords and focus those keywords around what the title of your bookmark is.

    You don't need to bookmark every page of your site... You need to give yourself a variety of backlinks not just from bookmarking.

    Make some blogs (free), articles(free), or of course write in forums - all of which I say (free) but you know in reality your time is not free but at least your not physically spending!

    I hope that was of some help to you.

    To Your Marketing Success -
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      Thx m8, and I'm more than aware that Bookmark backlinks is not the only way to get backlinks, hell, I'd put it at the end of my SEO priority list if I had one.

      But say, if my page is focused on 1 keyword, so should I tag my bookmark
      with that one keyword or add some general ones with it?

      And is it a good idea to bookmark all me big pages on my site? or just the homepage?


      ~Good Brother~

      Advertising is 85% confusion and 15% commission.. ROFL! xD

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