Shall we keep adding content to the one squidoo lens ?

by Tuzic Banned 5 replies

do we keep adding content to a squidoo lens as we do a blog post or do we keep creating a new lens? because it has taken me ages to make a lens & they have stated its in WIP mode? as i think its quite short.
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    I keep adding content to my squidoo lenses the same way i keep adding content to my blog. The search engines loves seeing fresh content and squidoo is a good way to get ranked high.

    Also add different modules on your squidoo lens, like your favorite amazon books, Photo's etc. It all helps.

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      If you're adding more content about the same topic, then putting it on the same lens is good.
      However, when you want to write about something else, build a new lens.

      Once you've built a few lenses, you'll find it gets easier and quicker.
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        ok because i thought i had to create a different lens everday a bit like article writing!!

        so its not like that then?

        so is this like creating a blog but in this case a lens then keep topping the same lens up with mroe & more content info on that topic? does this help in the google ranks & this the correct way to be using squidoo?
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          I tend to put on all my info at once, and then periodically update and tweak the lens as necessary. Occasionally adding content is okay, but you don't want your lens to get too long. Squidoo isn't really designed to be used a blog - if this is what you need, then another platform might be more suitable.

          Lenses are for sharing expert knowledge about something, from recipes to cities to products to people. It's a great platform for learning the basics of affiliate marketing, and has some fantastic modules for selling products on Amazon and eBay really easily.

          Here are some examples:
          - Wireless Nunchuck for the Wii - simple and too the point
          - Which Digital Photography Book Should I Buy? - reviews of 5 books
          - CHUCK (The TV Series) - an example lens
          - A Guide to Groups - a purely informational lens, with no products
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            Just as an anecdote... I've personally had some good success with Squidoo, but I've also heard some good things about HubPages. They tend to rank just as well (if not better) than Squidoo.

            I agree about periodically updating it though... I'm too busy to actively manage it, but you can always try to outsource the job.

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