What happens to your "Freebie" subs after 1 year...

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Hi guys,

I've been selling Solos for quite some time now and I of coarse noticed the lack of responsiveness after 1 year of messaging... wich is only normal.

Right now, I'm still sending to that list "as is" ....

So I'm wondering ...

Option 1 : Toss all NON-Tier1 traffic and only sell 100% Tier 1 solos from that list

Option 2 : Make a low cost per click list, as I keep my Tier 1 and Non tier 1. (My actual strategy for that older traffic)

Option 3 : ?

What would you do? or any other suggestions?
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    How do you nurture your lists? Are you contacting them regularly and giving them worthwhile and valuable information in the niche?

    Having a "sub par" or non-responsive mailing list won't do you much good and if you try to sell clicks it's going to hurt your reputation, even for your "tier 1" list (simply by association, IMO).

    If I were in your shoes, I would nurture all my lists and try to make them as responsive as possible (including periodic "cleaning.")

    It's my opinion that your goal should be to develop your lists (all of them) to be as responsive as you can, even if it means you pare your non tier1 list by 90%.


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    How do you nurture your lists?
    I've been selling Solos for quite some time now
    If your list was a pet, it would be dead.
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    I'm in the opposite side of camp on this...

    Reason being...

    I've had people on my list for over a year... Seemingly not clicking, or doing anything...

    Then I remember last summer I was pitching a high ticket guru course... And one of those said subscribers bought it...

    Now... It's true that the typical Biz Op / IM Lead dies quickly... But... I'd still say to keep them around, and if you can afford to, to keep mailing.

    (I've had several of my email guru buddies say it's a bad strategy, but if you're a small list builder, I would suggest for you to hold on to your leads... You never know when they might bite)...
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