does this kind of exit redirect exist?

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hey gang,

Just wanted to hop in here and ask...does anyone know if a page can be redirected (on exit), WITHOUT the little message that says 'do you really want to leave - hit cancel to stay on page...etc..? Does this exist?
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    There would have to be some kind of javascript interrupt or trigger of sorts,but it sure sounds possible. Easy for a php developer I would say.
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    I talked to a developer and they said what I describe is 'possible', but apparently blackhat/illegal and would cause my site to be listed as malware for security warnings by auto-redirecting people to next site.

    Ok, back to the drawing board for the next million dollar idea hehe
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    Not an answer to your question but just my opinion: As a web user, I would immediately steer away from a page if it redirects me to another one when I click the exit or back button without asking my confirmation. As a developer, I would never do that to my visitors.
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    yes it is possible but message will help with convesion rate

    I might be able to help check my sig out
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    I would have to say as a visitor I would find that fishy. I would not buy a thing , I have problems with the confirmation page. Back to the drawing board indeed.
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    It can certainly be done, but like others have said, it's not a good idea. Even if the prospect doesn't immediately think you're being shady, they will most likely just click the X again without viewing the new page.

    The most beneficial part of the redirect is the message. You have to capture their attention and simultaneously offer them something more valuable than you were on the page they are trying to leave.

    Speaking from a lot of experience, a good offer can see conversion gains of up to 5% overall.

    Dental Floss Tycoon

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    It can be redirected. However, if the user goes straight to the X button, it'll close the tab before it even loads. Adding that alert message actually prevents the user from doing that, so I think it's good to keep it.
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