Where to find good developers that work fast?

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i need android and iphone app like heyzap and google play games done in 4 weeks for around $10000, where can i find someone to do it
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    try also to post on odesk o freelancer , i am sure you will find one.
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    Odesk or Craigslist would be your best bet.
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    I would also go for Odesk.
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    Look on Elance or ODesk. Just be smart about it. All our software was developed by folks over there.

    One tip I have to filter out the auto replies/spam is to use a keyword in your ad that you ask the applicants to mention when they message you. This way, you know they actually read your ad and didn't just send a copy and paste message to another random developer job.

    Good luck!
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    There are so many freelancing market place, you can take a glance on these market place. You can see the Warriors For Hire or, Odesk, or, Elance, Vworker & so on.
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    10 Grand ????? Big money man. Sure there are lot of place to get free lancers. Check also the classified section too.
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    You can find good developers from oDesk, eLance of Freelancer. However, the speed of development will largely depend on what you're trying to achieve.
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    Just a word of caution - yes, oDesk etc can work well, but, if you're not used to farming our technical projects or don't have a technical background, this can quickly deteriorate.

    Be very clear on your requirements - why? Because they're going to build what you ask for, not necessarily what you wanted. In your case it's a little easier because you want to clone an existing app/system so you have a baseline for requirements. However, even there, you need to be clear. For example (and each of these would be expanded): Where are the graphics coming from? Can they use GPL code inside your app (has licensing restrictions for you)? What is the backend developed in (if you app has a social networking component)? What scalability are you looking for (how many online users to support)? What language do you want the app developed in (cross platform, native, licenses etc)?

    As you can see, it can quickly get very complicated too. So yes, consider the odesks of the world but spend some time fleshing out your requirements....and then INTERVIEW the responses. A good candidate will likely ask you these clarifying questions before just throwing a bid out there.

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    Youve all been amazing and I have decided on looking and talking to agencies and streamlining my requirements to meet what I need
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