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If anyone builds their own sites, either by hand, dreamweaver, wordpress, xsitepro, joomla, drupal or any other way, the Firebug addon for firefox is simply outstanding.

I have been building sites for years and heard reference to firebug many times.

I thought it was a bit of a gimic and I have never really gotten into addons or plugins for firefox. I didn't think it was worth it etc.

Now I have seen the light!!!

I don't know how I managed without this plugin.

Un frickin believeable.

Are there any other "must-have" firefox plugins I need to use ?
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    I'm loving my Web Developer toolbar for FF. But I like the page load features in this one. Thanks.

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    Can you explain in more detail please
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      Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page... Firebug 1.4b1 requires Firefox 3.5b4 or higher.

      I love it too!

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    First I googled "firebug is a piece of !@#$". Then I googled "firebug is wonderful" and here I am.

    Firebug is not wonderful for the following reasons.
    #1 it doesnt work
    #2 it doesnt color text like visual studio
    #3 you have to reload a page (at the very least) to get it to start working
    #4 setting break points will haunt you for eternity. don't bother restarting firebug or the browser, they will still be there.
    #5 you would think it could be turned on and off (or at least that would be the default behavior) by clicking the icon but usually clicking the icon results in nothing at all happening.
    #6 it is not anywhere close to being as good as stepping into functions as safaris debugger or visual studio.
    #7 its used by firefox which is already the worst browser on the face of the earth.

    sorry guys but since i have to use this thing im very passionate about it and it sucks, bad. the one good thing i have found is the dom inspector. that actually works really well.
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      I work in the digital advertising world where we regularly build, test and deploy sites for fortune 500's and many other BIG business companies around the world.

      All of the "real" dev's and QA folk here use and swear by firebug.

      It isn't a marketing thing, it is a tool in our tool box for development.
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    Originally Posted by TelegramSam View Post

    Are there any other "must-have" firefox plugins I need to use ?
    It's a good plugin for FF, but built-in "Inspect Elements" in Opera is incomparably better.
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