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Just got this from Aaron Wall @ SEOBook and thought you all might be interested:

Did Twitter Lay Down for Google? - Sugarrae

This part in particular is interesting!

If @ev truly feels he can’t trust his users, then why is he taking the link popularity I’ve built to my profile at Twitter and using it to help the core Twitter site in the search engines. Why aren’t all the links to @ev’s site (Twitter) nofollowed as well. He can trust my link popularity enough to use it for himself, but not enough to let me benefit from having developed it? That seems a little hypocritical to me.
Hmmm... What are your thoughts?
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    I wonder if Google would do that if they owned them.

    Probably not. Maybe they're trying to drive down the value of Twitter to buy it!



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    Interesting, I just finished reading the material you quoted

    for a while there has been a shift in the winds with Google the main one has been with visitor activity versus link popularity

    I have been wondering how this was going to happen and it seems that the threads to the answer is starting to show

    Google has been looking for way to kill this link building because theyfeel this is not a natural activity and the true measure is visitor activity, since its so easy to game Google's algo.

    Look at what every person is doing for SEO - link collecting from the flavor of the day.

    This morning a Light Bulb went on and maybe a partial answer to how Google is going to monitor visitor activity to the point of black mailing us

    Google Chrome what better way to monitor visitor activity

    they have it all in this app and link building maybe the way of the past for SEO

    So my question is how to get the eyes to your website in the New World

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