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by him77
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I've searched the forums the last two days to find an answer for this question about creating a sales funnel. I can design the pages, but my problem is putting them in the right order process wise. I am creating a membership website and there will be an option for the free and premium paid version. This is my first time doing this so please bare with me. I'm using optimizepress as well. I need to help understanding if the way I've outline the process I'm planning to use below makes sense.

1 - Created sales page/landing page

2 - People submit email for free registration

3 - Auto responder sends email with free registration link

4 - After opin People are sent to page telling them to check email for login info.

5 - People receive email with link to create password to enter membership site. I assume I just add a link to a page where they can create an account and place that link in auto responder email.

Once they create an account only give them basic access and then upgrade them to full after payment.

Is there anything I'm missing or should add?
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    You also want to offer them some other products in the back office so that you can earn more money.

    It is called UPSELLS and you should look into it.
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      Originally Posted by talfighel View Post

      You also want to offer them some other products in the back office so that you can earn more money.

      It is called UPSELLS and you should look into it.
      Thanks! Also, does the process above look correct?
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    It might be a good idea to shoehorn a One Time Offer (OTO) in there to compel immediate action. If they've already registered, it means they have an interest in what you're offering. If you give them a reason to upgrade immediately (price reduction, super secret special info, whatever), it'll increase your membership rate.
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    Hi him77

    Here's how I would lay it out, assuming using double-optin as mentioned above

    Optin Page (Landing Page)
    - Person enters email addy and is redirected to the 'confirm your request' page...
    don't use a standard aweber style page, this is the only page that everyone gets to see so create a custom page yourself and have a compelling offer that is priced to be an impulse buy (maybe $7)

    so the person confirms their email addy and receives another email with login details and/or optin gift - here's another chance to offer the compelling offer above (just in case they missed it)

    After they have registered send them to a OTO page, and make it so they genuinely only see that offer once - again make it compelling and this time increase the price

    If they say yes to the OTO also offer them a chance to buy your fantastic other product which is higher priced

    have a no thanks link in place in case they say no - and if they do say no offer them a slightly reduced package at a reduced price - then send them to the content you promised them

    Then keep giving them cool stuff and keep selling to them - just make it really good and do it often

    Hope this helps

    PS - and keep testing the salescopy and driving traffic

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    You definitely want to have a special offer right after the opt in. All it takes is a simple VSL explaining your one time offer and a buy button at the button. This could easily be your premium paid membership at a discounted price.

    Just make sure what you're giving free is good enough, Just because it's free doesn't mean you dumb down the info, you want to raise your bar high.This will get them thinking... If your free content is good, your paid version must be awesome. It's all about positioning yourself.
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