Understanding the profit from this? Help...

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I am trying to understand this when it comes to advertising...

Take this large site: www.weddingchannel.com

Majority of their money comes from the following:

Ad space, shopping, affiliate links ect....

Where I am getting stuck is if you look at the list of vendors they have for say dresses, decorations, cakes ect.. some of these don't have affiliate programs...

Otherwise meaning... how is the weddingchannel getting a profit from listing all of these?

I notice alot of wedding sites have a place where it says vendors sign up for free. how are we benefitting from this other than more traffic clicking on advertisements..?? am i missing something...

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    Hello Kim

    A site that generates revenue from ads and affiliate programs needs content.

    And in this case, the content seems to be the goods and services offered by the vendors on the site.

    If those vendors have an affiliate program, great. If not, they just become part of the site's 'content' which attract more visitors and hence still have a value to the site.



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    Well, my first thought is that a large portion of their site is members only.

    In exchange for your e-mail, they give you:
    • 50,000+ photos of gowns, flowers, cakes and more
    • Personal planning tools
    • Local wedding resources
    • Free Wedding Website
    • Gift registry management online
    • Wedding discounts and special offers
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      I guess i am just getting too technical.. when its right there...


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        This is just a thought - Even though a product/service
        has no formal affiliate program, there may be a referral
        or commission agreement between provider and referrer
        anyway. As an example, the car dealer down the street
        has no website or affiliate program, but he pays referral/
        finders fees for paying customers that are sent his way.
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          Yes i was thinking that as well, but that is a hell of alot of work considering they have thousands of vendors... it would take you months to get everything set up properly and to obviously reap the rewards from those deals.

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