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I've been writing a blog post for my website which is in the fitness niche answering a pretty well sought after question.

The further I get through writing the post, the more I'm beginning to wonder whether this should really be a blog post, or if it's worth turning it into an information product.

My question is, which is going to give me the most long term benefits?

Bundle it up and sell it or optimise the hell out of it and post it as a pretty comprehensive and lengthy blog post.

I guess making it an information product is likely to increase my list opt-ins as they would need to sign up and buy the product, meaning I capture their information.
If it was a blog post, people might just come to the site, read it and leave without converting to a subscriber?

What would the opinion of others be on this?
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    If you have enough for a quality info product I would personally go down that route. If the money isn't the goal - give affiliates 100% commission to create a strong list for the future
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      I'd say the post at the moment could definitely be expanded to provide the reader with a much more in depth view on things along with video tutorials and walkthroughs. I wouldn't say what I'm telling users is new at all, but perhaps more an in depth guide for those looking to solve a problem and maybe learn just one piece of information from the post, or complete beginners.
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