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hi iwant to know how to build a new website without knowing HTML codes ?
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    Best bet is purchasing a domain (you don't have to, but it looks more professional) and installing Wordpress, pick a stylish template, and boom you have a website that required utterly no HTML programming. Obviously you have to learn as you go, but there are Youtube video's out there that show you how to get a Wordpress site up in less than 5-10 minutes.
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      The most popular CSM is Wordpress which is very simple to setup..
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    Ditto what the previous poster said.

    You don't need to know HTML to get a site up and running today.

    However... if you're picky about how your content looks, you're going to end up learning about it. And as long as you're doing the simple stuff - header tags, centering stuff, lists, even doing tables... it really isn't difficult to learn at all - and there's a ton of good tutorials all over the net.

    Usually, with Wordpress, you just Google what you're trying to do - and as long as you're using a well-established theme - there's answers already out there for whatever you're trying to do.

    You'll eventually learn at least a handful of HTML codes, but you can do a tremendous amount with just a small handful... but you don't have to learn it right away...
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    The best thing to do is just have a professional install wordpress for you, it is super effective to use and they've made it so simple it is ridiculous. No coding knowledge needed and if you do need it, a simple Google search will help tremendously.
    Xoxo, Danielle Faith
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    Buy a domain, buy hosting, and watch a bunch of wordpress tutorials on youtube. You will learn very quickly how to build a website.
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  • ive used a service called webs, it is click and drag and you can make a website in a few minutes

    Learning wordpress is the best since the security feature and plugins are unbeatable.

    I am no techie guy but i have a pretty good looking site i made myself
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    you can make a new website in any languages like PHP Java or .net which is medium platform and secure form hacking.
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    Even if you get your own website, you still need to know some HTML because there will be a point where you will want to add banners or even change some links.

    So educating yourself on basic HTML is the way to go.
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    Hi Jamie Mendez

    The HTML code is very easy and important to learn if you want to build a website.

    Kind Regards

    Amer A
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    Install Wordpress on your domain > search for a free/paid Wordpress theme > download the theme > upload on your Wordpress site.

    But you should try to experiment with your codes too, you'll learn it eventually as what Amer A said, HTML code is very easy and important to learn if you want to have your own website.
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    Creating a website without HTML code is very easy, you need to follow some steps to create the website. You need to select a free domain or website, get free domain name, professional design or themes. Signup to get a free domain , you can sign up to different site like web.com, godaddy, webs, weebly etc. From here you can design your new websites in minute and grow your business online.
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    Youtube is your friend Jamie, you can learn everything you need to know there. Installing and setting wordpress up is really easy, you don't need to hire a pro to do it, just search on youtube for a tutorial. HTML is also easy to get your head around and you have free WYSIWYG editors like Kompozer and NVU very simple to use that make the job even easier.
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    A great resource for learning the basics of HTML and CSS is to use Codeacademy. It's an online learning portal where you're guided through the process of creating basic web pages and it saves your progress if you create an account. Nothing better than interactive learning.

    I do also agree with the above that wordpress is your best option. If costs are a worry, then you could use something like Wix/Weebly, but you're quite limited with what you can actually do with these.
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