Types Of Membership Sites?

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I was told the classic membership site is the monthly membership. Every month new contents are created for the members just like a magazine.

Are there other "types"?

Thank you.
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    What you're referring to when you say "type" is simply the length of the recurring payment subscription period.

    It could be a month, a quarter, six months, a year, etc (any length of time you determine). It's called "recurring" because the subscription period typically renews automatically and the member is charged without having to send in a payment (his credit card is billed according to the terms agreed upon at sign-up.)

    There are also free membership sites. These are often created in relation to a paid product - people who buy the product get access to the membership site where other buyers can be found.

    Sometimes a membership site is a one-time payment for access as long as the site is online.

    I've seen a few decreasing payment membership sites. The payment declines a little each month as an incentive to keep members on board.

    There are fixed term memberships. You pay for a course that is made available one lesson per month for 12 months, or something similar.

    There is no set way to do a membership site - you have the flexibility to run it as you desire. Monthly recurring membership is probably the most common method of delivery, but you can set up your own plan depending upon how you want to distribute your content.


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    Originally Posted by solidim View Post


    I was told the classic membership site is the monthly membership. Every month new contents are created for the members just like a magazine.

    Are there other "types"?

    Thank you.
    That depends completely on what's on offer. Go for monthly offers.
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    There are quite a few, Fixed Term Membership (FTM), where you typically have the membership available for a set length of time, e.g. 3, 6 or 12 months. You can incentivize the member to complete the full term with monthly bonuses, etc...

    Alternatively, One time payment or also known as lifetime access, where they pay one fee up front to access for life.

    Even free access memberships. I am sure there are others but these are the main ones that come to mind.

    All the best
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    Contrary to popular belief, membership sites do not always involve a monthly commitment to creating new content. It’s not written in stone that your member program must require you to convince prospects to sign up for a continuity plan

    You can profit immensely without charging a recurring monthly fee. A successful membership site can be built around any product or service!

    Above all, a membership site is a powerful delivery mechanism! so don't forget to use it as a list building site too, by giving away a decent product to get them to join then market to them when they login.

    Its much easier to build a RESPONSIVE list using a login system, they are much more likely to give a good email address if they know they wont get the freebie unless they receive the login details
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    Three is also the free/paid version. Part of the membership is free, usually used to get them in your house, and get them on a list, then there is better content in the paid section. Emails could soft sell what's in the paid sections. This is what I've been doing, just need to promote more.
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